Tips on How to Invite a Guy on a Date

Do you want to go on a date with your dream guy, but you don’t know how to invite him? Wondering why he doesn’t want to invite you or do you like him? Don’t waste time on these thoughts.

Take things into your hands. In this article, you’ll learn how to take the first steps to invite a guy on a date.

Don’t let him think you are a pushy and desperate woman who doesn’t let him live. All your actions and words must be as thought out and careful as possible. If you are afraid of face-to-face meetings and you are worried that you will not keep a rein on your nerves and excitement, then it may be worth trying to flirt and pick up, which will lead you on the straight path to your goal, i.e. dating him.

If you choose the phone or SMS route and want them to lead you to your dream date with him, remember that you can not write everything. You must leave space and a pinch of dignity in case he is not interested in meeting you.

If you get in touch and start texting regularly, you should first ask him a fairly neutral question, e.g. how was his day at work, how his family affairs were organized, or how was the meeting with his colleagues. Don’t let him know immediately that you lost your mind for him. All in good time! First, the so-called market research etc. etc. Be patient!

Remember that proposing and inviting him on a date does not have to involve a direct question, which may seem a bit disturbing and uncomfortable to him (after all, it has become common ground that it is the guy who should be the one who chooses you).

And although they do not agree with this popular belief, they like the idea of ​​a random invitation, i.e. one that does not look like a date invitation is not intrusive, and can only be an expression of sympathy or friendly disposition.

For example, if you talk to your handsome man about a new movie that he says he wants to see, suggest that you liked the trailer so much that you can go to the cinema together.

Even though the invitation was casual, it gave him a clear message that you feel good in his company, and going to the movies together seems like a cool idea to you.

If you want to spend more time with him, you can offer him joint activities. If these tips are not enough for you, go to Beyond Ages and find more inspiration and ideas on how to invite a guy on a date.

Suggest taking the dogs for a walk

Perhaps you are both owners of pets.

You must know in advance if he has a dog. It’s really a great excuse for a date. You will certainly have enough topics to talk about, and if something goes wrong, the guy will never be able to prove one hundred percent that your proposal had a second bottom.

Make him a dinner

If a guy has done you a favor, even a small one, invite him to lunch or dinner. Let it be an excuse to spend time together. Of course, never ask again when he refuses. If he doesn’t want to, his loss.

Suggest your help

If he has a problem, gently offer him your help.

Be nice, but not pushy and if he refuses, don’t insist. In case you don’t notice right away that maybe your intentions had a dual purpose and at the same time you wanted to spend time alone with him, he will probably come out with some initiative in a while. Of course, only if he is interested in you.

You have a dilemma, where could you possibly help yourself? Your head is in it, wait patiently and the opportunity will come soon.

Suggest joint training

The object of your sighs is a supporter of intense exercise?

Offer him a joint workout. If, like him, you like sport, you will have something to discuss and the date will definitely succeed. Otherwise, you can enter the role of a person who wants to start training and needs help.

Who knows, maybe beside your dream guy you will also get a great figure?

Invite him to the wedding as your plus one

Certainly, it won’t seem strange if you invite him to the wedding as an accompanying person.

Lots of people suggest this to their friends. On the spot, you will feel whether he is interested in you as a girl and maybe your conversation will quickly get flirty. You will have the perfect atmosphere.

Do not give up

If he tells you he is extremely busy, then don’t make it easy for him: “I know you are busy and you wouldn’t have time to meet me!”

You must behave in such a way that would make your love interest think that going out with you for dinner is a great idea. Be fun! Smile!

Become his friend and tempt him at the same time! If you are not natural, cheerful, enjoying life, slightly crazy, then no man will even think about the fact that cinema, dinner with you can be a way to spend a nice and interesting evening.

If your initial actions finally become effective and the guy begins to strive for contact with you, and your relationship is really good and very friendly, do not hesitate to ask this question: “Maybe you would want to grab a drink sometimes, together?”.

Remember to do it with a smile, in a slightly playful tone, so that he still does not know how much you fell in love with him … Leave it for dessert!

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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