How To Keep Birds Away From Dog Food

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If you have a pet, you must be familiar with the upkeep associated with them.

We are not saying that pets are always hard work, no, far from that, for sure. But there are a wide variety of things that you must account for when it comes to your wonderful animal friends.

From maintaining hygiene to arranging food, pets need both your time and attention. However, many problems can arise when you are feeding your pet the best dog food. It’s worth noting that pets have a great sense of smell, as such, they can abstain from consuming food items touched by other pets or birds.

If you have a dog as your pet and it lives in a dog house outdoors, then you will have to make special arrangements to keep birds away it’s food. As mentioned above, pets have a great sense of smell, and not only do they cause a great mess, if the birds touch the food, it’s possible that your dog will not want to consume it.

To solve this problem, we are here to give you tips on keeping birds away from dog food. Following are a few tips to help you do this!

Ways To Keep Birds Away From Dog Food

  • Scarecrow: you can use a scarecrow to keep birds away from dog food. For this purpose, you can construct a do-it-yourself scarecrow using wood and spare clothes you have. Place it near the dog food, and birds will surely recognize it as a human threat and stay away from it.
  • Use A Closed Space: to protect your dog food from birds, you can choose a closed space to feed your dog. This way, your dog food will not only be protected from birds but will also be safe from pests and flies.
  • Don’t Leave The Food Outside: to keep your dog’s food safe and secure from birds, assign meal hours to your dog. Slowly and gradually, your pet will get used to it, and you’ll not have to leave the food outside. This way, your dog will adapt to proper eating hours, and the food will also be protected from unnecessary birds which tend to contaminate the food.
  • Automatic Feeders: if you can afford them, you can surely opt for automatic feeders. Automatic feeders can be projected to eject dog food at desired hours. Hence, they can be kept indoors and outdoors without any risk of birds attacking the food.
  • Predatory Birds: one of the tricks is to place a recorder that will play the recording of predatory birds time and again. This way, the birds will assume that there are some predatory birds somewhere in the surroundings and will fly away.


You can choose any of the methods mentioned above to save your dog’s food from being attacked by the birds. All of these are simple and easy and worth trying if you are at your wits end!



Jeff Campbell