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How to Keep Your Home Clean and Healthy for Your Baby

Pregnant mammals feel a strong desire to prepare a safe place for their babies, and humans are no different. A pregnant woman will also have an instinctual urge to clean and prepare the home for the arrival of their baby – this phenomenon is called nesting.

As heavy exercise is not recommended during late pregnancy, here’s how you can help your partner.

While your family members and friends will probably be happy to help you clean up the house, hiring a professional cleaning service (if you can afford it) to deep-clean your home before your baby arrives will ensure that everything is sanitized and ready for your newborn.

Here are the main areas to concentrate on while preparing your home for your new baby to ensure they enter a clean and healthy environment.

Carpets and Flooring

The floor is one arguably the most important area to clean in your home when you have a baby. Because your baby will be crawling and spending most of their time on ground level, sanitizing the floor is vital.

For in-depth information on carpet and hard surface cleaning (flooring), it’s best to search for professional advice.

Generally, wooden, vinyl, tile, and other hard surfaces must be swept and then mopped. Mopping your floors after sweeping will improve the air quality of your home by removing any dust particles. Remember to begin mopping by cleaning the far-away corners first and working your way toward the room’s entrance. After every 15-20 square feet, you should rinse the mop in clean water to prevent grimy residue buildup on your floor.

When cleaning your carpets, avoid harsh cleaning products. Because vacuuming alone will not remove all the pet hair, dirt, dust mites, and debris, calling a professional cleaning service to clean your carpets is recommended.

While hiring a steam cleaning machine may be less expensive than hiring a cleaning service, a professional cleaning company will be able to sanitize your carpets and flooring more thoroughly.

Bathroom and Kitchen

The second most important areas to clean for a new baby are the bathrooms and kitchen. Your toilets, kitchen, and bathroom sinks are hotspots for bacteria, so ensure they are sanitized thoroughly.

Clean the sink faucets in the kitchen and bathroom, scrub the hard-to-reach area behind and under the toilet, and pay special attention to the door handles.

Clean the bathtub, shower walls, and drains with a non-toxic drain cleaner. You can also use diluted vinegar to remove any scaling that’s accumulated on the faucets and showerheads. Don’t forget to sanitize the walls with warm water and scrub the grout in your tiles with grout cleaner and a brush.

The refrigerator is one of the most important things to keep clean in your kitchen. Scrub the fridge from top to bottom with a food-safe cleaning product – wipe the shelves, remove any old or expired produce, and use diluted vinegar to clean any sticky areas.

If you want your bathrooms and kitchen thoroughly disinfected, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to do all the hard work for you.

Jeff Campbell