How To Keep Your Love Alive?

You sometimes feel your love with your partner no longer passionate. That’s when you need to know how to keep your love alive. Click this link and find it out.

We are busy with the hectic life, and then we may lose track of romance quickly. Time keeps passing by, and we don’t even realize that affection has faded.

We haven’t spent enough time with our lover that caused our romance to slip to the bottom of the priorities. 

Love is magic and sweet. When you have found your true half, it is endless happiness. In love also need little tips to increase its flavor. Try exploring at However, it’s easy to fuel the spark of your relationship.

Here, you will understand three crucial principles and six things to keep your love alive. 

3 Principles To Keep Love Alive

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Take part in the act of love

Taking action to cherish love is useful as it supports the act of loving instead of the state of being in love. The act of loving relates to behaviors, which is one of the vital aspects to keep a close relationship.

These behaviors include:

  • Physical and emotional affection
  • Tenderness expression
  • Compassion
  • Sensitivity to your partner’s needs
  • Sharing interests and activities
  • Develop trust
  • Actively accept and appreciate the love

When you get into the give-and-take of love, you will find yourself actively participate in loving instead of going into a passive state love fantasy. 

Maintain your individuality and respect your partner’s too

The more time you’re in a relationship, the more activities you share with your partners. Hence, you’re familiar with doing things as a couple while you may forget yourself as an individual. 

To keep the romance alive, you should retain a strong sense of autonomy and independence. By doing it, you can cultivate your unique traits and follow your behavior reflecting your ideas and interests.

Likewise, your partner can feel the same as you. They can lose track of themselves as a separate person. Ideally, you respect your partner’s goals and interests. In other words, you’d better be sensitive regarding his or her feelings, wants, or desires. 

Empathy and compassion are vital aspects of maintaining this individuality. Understanding your partner emphatically, you can not only recognize what you share in common,  but you also value the differences between you.

Overlook your critical inner voice

We all have our internal enemy, which produces somethings inside our heads, such as criticism about yourself and a malicious coach. This enemy presents for your critical voice, supporting your defenses. 

When you confess your romantic feelings about what you love about your lover, you’re always vulnerable. Moreover, you’re also vulnerable when you are open to your lover’s feelings towards you. People always have the nature of protecting themselves from being hurt. Therefore, being vulnerable will stimulate our natural defense in our minds. It is when our critical inner voice comes as a defensive barrier.

However, your critical inner voice may sabotage your relationship as it stops you from exchanging love and affection with your partner. You shouldn’t let it dominate the mind that leads you to protect yourself and retrieve you from intimacy. 

In the beginning, you will find it difficult to acting completely different from your old behavior. Gradually, you will get used to it and your critical inner voice will be weaker.  

6 Things To Maintain Your Love

Set aside time for a date

Not only dates are amazing for young couples, but they also can be a refreshing dose for long-term relationships. You can plan out a date out of your home in a restaurant and talk to each other to remind the old memories of your love. Besides, you can choose to chill out at your sweet home with homemade meals in the dim light of the candles.  

An ideal scenario is that you and your partner set aside a particular time to maintain your dates. They should not be limited in hours as well.  

Stare into your partner’s eyes 

Your eyes are the door to your soul. The way you look into your partner’s eyes and vice versa can connect two souls quickly and easily. Staring into other’s eyes can be even worthier than words.

You may find it a bit awkward in the beginning; however, you’ll be accustomed to this experience and will have surprisingly delightful feelings. 

Use the love language to your partner

Don’t forget to speak the love language to each other like saying, “I love you” more frequently. You can call your partner darling or babe, or even in a particular name to express your emotions. 

Besides speaking the love language, you ought to leave your love in a note, in a text message,  under plates and pillow, or in a cupboard. Spreading love everywhere will make your partner always think about you. 

Plan a second honeymoon

You may think that a honeymoon is only for a new wedding. But no, it is an opportunity for long-term couples to fuel their spark of love. A weekend away without kids will let you have more time being with your partner to love like the beginning. 

Take a bath together

Another easy way to get closer to your lover is to spend time bathing together. Preparing a hot bathtub with a delicate rose aroma, you will have a relaxing time with each other. Some jazz music while bathing is not a bad idea too. 

Feed each other

Feeding your partner will help improve intimacy for couples. You can sit next to each other in a cozy restaurant or your convenient kitchen. Simultaneously, feed your partner every forkful of a meal.

This action is small, but it can maintain the relationship alive from time to time.

Give body massages for each other

When massaging for your partner, you can touch her/him bare skin that can increase affection between you. A slight aroma of mint or lemongrass essential oils will even ignite the intimacy for you and the partner. 

The Takeaway 

Love can fade away along time. However, you can still keep it alive by understanding these principles of talking to each other, spending time together, being intimate, and staying positive. 

Also, you can follow six simple things to help engage your partner in them and recharge your relationship.


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