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How to Make Money Online This Summer

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Have you been adversely affected by the pandemic and could do with an additional income stream? 

Or, maybe you have a little more time than usual this summer and think it would be better spent earning than taking up a new hobby. 

If you want to earn extra money online this summer then read on. 

In the list below we give you five great ways to bring in some extra money and to enjoy yourself at the same time. 


Do you spend a lot of your time playing video games? Maybe you’ve fantasized about earning money doing what you do. Would that just be the best? Now you can with Online games. There are plenty of platforms available. 

Even if it isn’t the game you love to buy the most, it is worth switching gears for a time to profit. Choose from football manager games, game show games, and traditional games with competitive tournaments – most money is made through winning competitions. 


Of course, online trading. On a list like this, it would be long before we reached the currency exchange market or the Forex this is one of the most exciting and liquid trading types in the world making it an excellent and lucrative choice for the summer. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about the forex, there are plenty of articles and videos online to teach you the basics. The international currencies are always fluctuating and you can take advantage of this with a good forex platform. 


If you have writing skills then you can find work online putting them to good use – that means earning some money for your efforts. Content writing is a big part of the Internet’s internal engine, so imagine you are cog and fit in somewhere. 

Look for content writing opportunities on places like Fivrr, Upwork, and There are many other places too looking for skilled and reliable writers to create content for businesses and blogs. 


Even if you have a busy summer lined up with your work, you can always find an hour or two here and there to get a lucrative eCommerce business up and running. E-commerce has been a huge success since the pandemic and gravy train is still on the tracks. 

There are online platforms like Shopify that are a great place to start your ecommerce business from. Although these Platforms have a small premium at first they are still the best. They give you everything you need to get your business off the ground from scratch. 


If you thought the business of selling books online was now a market that was all sewn up, think again. There are now more platforms than ever where you can buy and sell books from profit. The secret is knowing what books to get. 

You can get valuable books from many places. Try local online platforms and pick up some textbooks that go for big money. You might even come across a rare hardback edition of your favorite sci-fi novel that will be simply too hard to part with. 

Jeff Campbell