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How to Make Your Paintball Gun Shoot Harder

Paintball guns work by releasing compressed air into the gun’s chamber and then propelling the paintball forward. In terms of how far the paintball will travel, velocity is the determining factor. You cannot deny that paintball can be a ton of fun. However, it is much more enjoyable when you can hit your target. If your paintball gun shooting is low, you can increase the shooting intensity by following the few steps that have been discussed below.


The most important thing that makes your shooting harder is velocity. You can do this by increasing the velocity with the help of a velocity adjuster on the paintball gun. It will have more energy effect on the impact and longer shooting range. The maximum speed is 300 feet/sec that is considered safe, and more than this can cause damage to tissues. You can check your velocity with the help of a chronograph, which will help you not exceed the maximum speed. If you are not sure where to adjust the velocity of the paintball gun, your user’s manual gives you guidance on how to do it. Paintball guns also have screws adjusting the main hammer spring action or control the airflow out of the valve. 


One factor that affects the velocity of the paintball is the dirt present in the  gun. There could also be paint, oil, or debris in your marker, loader, barrel, or pods affecting accuracy. If there is some debris in the barrel, clean it for improvement in performance because dirt in the paintball gun slows down the bolt’s speed and affects your accuracy to hit the target. If you do not check the paintball gun and the dirt obstructs or damages the seal between barrel and bolt, it will reduce the velocity, and the paintball gun does not shoot harder. You can clean your barrel by soaking in hot water mixed with soap mixture, then wait for a few minutes. After this, wash the barrel with hot water until all the soap residues are removed. Then dry it with the help of a clean squeegee. If there is damage to the barrel, it is advisable to change it. Because any bend, wrapped or dinged, affects the performance significantly.


Paintball bore size plays a vital role in determining the velocity of the paintball. You may have an accuracy problem more due to the paintballs than the guns used for shooting. You may have difficulty getting paintballs to fly in a straight line if they are oblong-shaped and covered with dimples. So, choose the size of the paintball carefully so that should not be too large or too short. If the size of the paintball is short, the air will push past the air and does not push the paint out of the barrel. So, you have to choose the widest diameter of the paintball that matches the size of the inner diameter of the barrel. You should overbore or underbore the size of the paintball. But at some level, it leads to velocity variation and break in the barrel and thus affects your aim. Getting the best size of the bore is much more important for the right aim than getting quality paintballs. 


You can increase the accuracy of your aim by switching to HPA instead of CO2. High-pressure air provides consistent output pressure as compared to CO2. The reason is that CO2 is a liquid that requires fire for converting into gas, while HPA is compressed in the tank. HPA is much cleaner and less volatile as compared to CO2. Therefore you can experience better target hitting. The one disadvantage of using CO2 is that it is affected by low temperature because it requires heat to transition from liquid to gas. Although HPA has no such problem, it can work on freezing temperatures with little or no change in pressure. You can also purchase HPA tanks at lower prices compared to a CO2 tank that is a bit expensive. 


You may have an assortment of reasons for your marker not to shoot straight if your paintballs aren’t the problem. There may be a problem if your paintball barrel is not honed properly or if your paintballs don’t fit well into your barrel. No matter which paintball gun you own, upgrading can be short, long, or not at all. Paintball guns come with a quality stock barrel right out of the box. But there are some exceptions, such as Tippmann and spyder. Barrel quality inspection is not a difficult task, and you can do it by honing the inside of the barrel. If there is a smooth inside of the barrel, then it is a high-quality barrel. But if you see the rough surface, some burns, then it is not the right choice. It can affect your velocity, and you might miss your target. Upgrading the paintball barrel also reduces the sound signature and improves the aesthetics of the paintball. If you just wish to find a perfect paintball gun, then read these paintball gun reviews they will surely save you from alot of trouble!


Last but not least, check that everything inside of your paintball gun is working properly. Try once before going to your local paintball field. It will help you to detect any damage to the paintball gun. Having a faulty regulator may cause your velocity to fluctuate more than it usually does. In most cases, you can detect a malfunction of a paintball gun quite easily. The chances are you don’t have anything to worry about if everything seems to be working correctly. 


Jeff Campbell