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How to Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen?

A functional, polished kitchen is the first thing you notice; the look of an outdated one keeps you away from making the best of it.

The kitchen area has become a favorite room for many; a hang-out spot for friends, the place to do homework, a lair of creativity and solitude. Here are some tips on creating the kitchen of your dreams, which are also budget friendly.

1. Make A Plan

Having a clear-cut design of how your kitchen will look is fundamental. A clear outline of the elements that need to be replaced, re-painted, or bought new, makes the process much easier.

Setting a budget and allocating funds according to a priority list is good practice. Appliances, countertops, and flooring are the cornerstones of a kitchen, so they need to be practical and durable.

2. Renovate the Floor

When building a room that suits your needs and taste, your kitchen floor will stand out. An ideal floor plan is easy to clean, moisture-resistant, and heavy-duty. The options are countless.

Ceramic or stone tiles are the easiest to clean. You can also go for engineered wood for a more rustic-style kitchen. On the other hand, a vinyl floor may be better as a cost-effective choice.

If you are on a tight budget, you can always re-paint the floor. Try to avoid white color; stains are bound to show instantly. Blue and grey are classic choices and can easily give a polished finish. You can also use a stencil and create a unique, personalized look.

3. Paint the Walls

Simply painting your kitchen walls will bring an air of freshness to the room. Depending on the color of your floor and countertops, select a contrasting shade for an upbeat ambiance, or a darker hue to give a large kitchen a cozier feeling.

You can also play around with matching shades; for instance, cappuccino hues: outlining the kitchen in coffee-brown, with vanilla shades for the rest of the walls.

4. Give Your Cabinets A Face-Lift

If you are satisfied with your cabinets function-wise, you can simply renew their look by working on details. Pulls, knobs, and handles give away your kitchen’s age; so, replace them first. You can also reface your cabinets if the rest of the structure is sound.

5. Create New Hang-Out Spots

Whether you have a large or small floor plan, you can create space for different functions of the kitchen. Integrating the family or dining room with the kitchen offers more options. You can add a countertop with stools to resemble a bar for a quick bite to eat. If there is available space, a dining table will provide extra seating for a family gathering.

6. Replace Your Appliances

Appliances like your microwave, fridge, or dishwasher are the main compartments of a working kitchen. They can make your life easier and enjoyable if they are practical. Consider investing in energy-efficient ones-it is definitely worth the money. A shiny new fridge or a state-of-the-art new oven is bound to give a revamped look to your kitchen.

Appliances are available in many sizes, colors, and styles so pick the one that best meets your needs. Adding a shiny new, state-of-the-art coffee maker to give your mornings an air of a Paris café, will stand out on your countertop. Keep in mind that many companies offer package deals, which is great if you have to change more than one.

7. Revamp Your Chairs or Stools

Chairs, stools, and tables are the first to replace when re-doing your kitchen. But if your furniture is still functional and has antique value, why not refurbish it. You could ask for an offer from a professional or do it on your own.

A new coat of the same color may be sufficient. If you are handy, you could opt for upholstering the seats. Try playing around with colors; don’t hesitate to mix different sizes and types to create a more modern look.

8. Create More Storage Space

You can save space and make your kitchen more practical by organizing it better. Go for ceiling-high cabinets if you have a smaller kitchen to maximize storage. Add a lazy Susan in your pantry.

It is the best way to take advantage of difficult-to-reach corners. Use a magnetic knife holder-installed on the wall-to save space and keep knives easily accessible. You can also use utensil holders in drawers for a more organized look.

9. Change Your Sink and Countertops

Replace your sink with a newer, more functional one. A double-sink is practical for many different uses, from cooking and placing a cutting board, to hand-washing dishes. You can also opt for a touch less kitchen faucet for hands free controlling.

If your kitchen is closer to the farmhouse style, opt for a single marble sink. The design is also practical. It is deep enough to wash any pots or place dishes to rinse before putting them in the dishwasher.

Countertops, on the other hand, are the most-used surface in a kitchen. A shiny new countertop adds the modern look your kitchen needs. Keep in mind that it has to be heavy-duty.

Laminate countertops are the most affordable option, available in many different patterns and colors. If you are looking for a more elegant look, you can choose between concrete, wood, marble, or stainless steel.

10. Add Decorative Elements

Change your window curtains. Add sheer ones for subtle sunlight. You can also hang faux wood blinds for a more contemporary look.

Replace your light fixtures with more modern ones. A bronze finish chandelier above the kitchen table can add radiance to the room. Spotlights under the top cabinets and corners will provide well-lit spaces and additional light to the room.


Small changes can make a huge difference. When it comes to modernizing your kitchen and staying within budget, there are many tricks you could use to get the best results.

From swapping the hardware to upgrading your cabinets, sink, and countertops there is an abundance of styles, patterns, and textures to choose from. Follow your plan, get your hands in as much as you can, and be as creative as you can. A cutting-edge kitchen can be yours on a dime.

Jeff Campbell