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How To Optimize Voltage To Reduce Usage

Saving energy should be on the top of all businesses and households to do list especially with the on-going energy crisis happening in the UK. Practicing energy-efficiency is the best way to minimize the amount of energy that is used when using electricity.

Let’s dive into the ways you can optimise voltage to reduce electricity usage.

What is Voltage Optimization?

Lowering the amount of voltage that is used businesses can also reduce their carbon footprint as well as their electricity bill. Another way to achieve this is to use voltage optimization.

Voltage optimization is used to regulate the amount of voltage that is used for your appliances and electrical equipment by determining the optimum energy supply that is needed to avoid using unnecessary amounts of electricity.

How does it work?

Voltage optimization works by taking the required voltage required for the business from the National Grid and then supplying the appliances and equipment on-site. If there is any energy left and not used, it will flow back to the National Grid.

There are three types of voltage optimization systems that you can choose from:

  • Fixed Voltage Optimisation- This is used to set the incoming voltage to the level required for the business appliances and equipment.
  • Variable Voltage Optimisation- Using electronic voltage optimization technology to reduce energy to a predetermined level.
  • Combined/Integrated Transformer- These offer a combined system of fixed and variable optimization which is new to the market.

How to Optimise Voltage

Businesses can use a step-down transformer which is also known as a voltage reducing/tap-down transformer. This transformer will change the high voltage to a lower one meeting the needs of the appliance or electrical equipment.

Some offices and factories already have this transformer installed and can tap into its settings to reduce the voltage output.

If the business has an outside electricity supply, another transformer can be added to help add to the internal electricity needs. This can help solve the problem of overvoltage if the business has too much electrical output. However, if the setting is too low, the business might have an undervoltage which means that not enough electricity is flowing through the business for appliances and equipment to work effectively.

Businesses can then use voltage regulators to ensure that there is no overvoltage or undervoltage when it comes to adjusting the level of energy input and output. These devices can go for several years without maintenance or replacement.

How does Voltage Regulators work?

There are a variety of voltage regulators each working a different way. Choose the one that meets the needs of your appliances and equipment so that you are not damaging any of your tools needed to keep your business open.

  • Ferroresonant Transformers (constant voltage transformers)

This works like a normal transformer but has an extra component known as the inductor. The inductor is placed on the capacitor and has a resonating coil built into the secondary winding.

Any changes in the primary (input) is reflected in the secondary (output). This means that if the voltage rises in the primary it will rise in the secondary with the same amount. The extra component keeps the secondary at a constant and maximum level as the primary to reduce the amount of voltage it gives off.

  • Electronic Voltage Regulators

These constantly measure the voltage of the electrical waves of the incoming electricity supply and compare these with the voltage amount that you want.

Too much voltage means a second wave is added to help curb the output voltage, reducing it to meet the required volume needed.

Benefits of Installing Voltage Regulators/Optimizers

Here are the benefits of installing voltage regulators within your businesses.

  • Helps to reduce carbon footprint and cut back on greenhouse emissions.
  • Allows all electrical appliances and equipment to function at its best without the risk of burnout or breaking. They will also save different amounts of energy when used properly.
  • The electrical bill will be much lower if you streamline your energy usage.
  • The technology is designed to help businesses reduce energy waste and energy consumption.
  • They can be installed at the distribution level which means your supplier can regulate the voltage that is being supplied to your business.


Reducing the amount of energy that you use within your business can help cut expenses when it comes to the electric bill.

It will also make your business environmentally friendly and sustainable as you curb the amount of energy that you use and conserve.

Using voltage regulators can help optimise your electrical input and output to ensure that you reduce waste.





Jeff Campbell