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Get a Fresh Start: How to Organize and Declutter Your Home


Did you know the average household has about 300,000 items?

It’s easy to see why. Over the course of a lifetime, we’re bound to acquire a wide range of things, from furniture and kitchen appliances to clothing, pieces of art, cutlery, fitness equipment, and whatnot. And if all you do is acquire without selling or giving out, your living spaces will start getting crammed sooner or later.

The result? A cluttered home.

If you’re already in this situation, you’re in luck! Continue reading to learn how to organize your home.

Know the Consequences of Living in a Cluttered Home

More often than not, people are forced into action once they understand the consequences of a certain habit.

So, is there any harm in living in a cluttered home? Besides being unsightly, clutter can steal your focus, increase your stress, aggravate allergies, and even make you fat.

If you’ve been feeling unproductive or stressed out when in your home, perhaps it’s the clutter and disorganization. Don’t let it get worse. It’s time to act.

Develop a Minimalist Mindset

Before you get the brooms and sweep out the dirt and clutter, it helps to first develop or embrace a minimalist mindset, which is become a popular trend.

Minimalism is about living with less. When you’re a minimalist, you know that you don’t need a living room full of big couches yet you’re a one-person household. Any unnecessary or functional item will have no place in your house.

Without this mindset, decluttering your home will likely be a futile exercise. It will only be a matter of time before the house starts filling up again.

Reimagine Your New Space

Now that you’re ready to declutter, take time to reimagine how your clutter-free home should look like. When you’ve got a clear mental picture of an organized home, it’s easier to identify the items you need to get rid of.

For example, if you want a spacious living room with lots of natural light, you’ll need to get rid of most of the furniture pieces. If you’ve got several hangings on the wall, you’ll have to get rid of most of them, too.

Do a Deep Clean

Deep cleaning involves giving your home a thorough wash. You can do this alone, especially if you live in a small apartment. But if your home is big, you can call your friends or relatives to help or hire a deep cleaning service.

Either way, deep cleaning will unleash heaps of dirt. You’ll be surprised that you’ve been living with lots of dirt all along! You’ll also need to hire a dirt removal service, such as, to finish the job.

You can then embark on reorganizing your home and enjoying the freshness.

How to Organize Your Home Simplified!

We all want to live in clean, organized spaces, but this is easier said than done. With this guide on how to organize your home, you now have the information you need to keep your home clutter-free and well-organized all year round.

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Jeff Campbell