How to Plan Your 2022 Clear Out – and Make It a Success

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The start of a new year is always a good time to think about a thorough house clearance.

Most of us are already packing away or recycling our old Christmas decorations and discarded wrapping, so it’s a great time to think about what else we can start to dispose of at the same time.

A house clearance is a big project though, and many don’t go to plan simply because of a lack of thought and time put into it.

If you’re planning a major house clearance in London to start 2022, here’s some top tips to help you make it a success.

Make sure you have the time

A house clearance isn’t like clearing out your kitchen cupboards.

It takes more than a few hours and you’ll have to commit a good amount of time.

As a rule we’d recommend at least half a day per room depending on the size and the amount of items or rubbish in the room.

Ideally you should look to take a weekend, or even book a few days off work so you can focus.

Decide what and where you’ll be clearing

It might be you’ve got a garage piling up with old boxes and garden rubbish, or an attic that’s become a hoarder’s paradise, or you’ve started to notice your unwanted items creeping into other areas of your home.

It could be you just want to clear out everything and your rubbish is mixed and found in every room.

You should look at the scope of your house clearance before you start so it’ll be easier to focus on what you’re doing.

If you just dive in you’ll end up getting distracted when you find something in another room.

And as soon as you get distracted, your chances of clearing your home reduce drastically.

Make sure you’re organised

Whether you’re clearing out a single room or a full house, you need to organise your house clearance, or you’ll likely just end up moving rubbish from one room to another without actually removing anything.

Before you start, figure out where you’ll put your rubbish while you’re removing it.

This way you won’t risk removing items you want to keep or keep items you’d prefer to throw away.

Plus, make sure you’re being ruthless with your rubbish removal.

Make a plan for your rubbish clearance

Just because you’re clearing out your home, doesn’t mean you just need to throw away everything you find.

There’s plenty of options for what you can do.

You can simply throw everything away if you want to.

If you’re willing to put a bit more time into it, you could always recycle your unwanted items, or donate them, or even sell them and try to make some extra cash out of your house clearance.

Organize your removal service

Whether you want to book a rubbish removal service, hire a skip or take your rubbish to the local tip, recycling centre or charity shop yourself, you should organize your removal before you start.

If you’re organizing a man and van removal service, or having a skip delivered, it can help put a deadline on when you need to complete your rubbish removal – which can keep you focussed to complete the job on time.

Make a success of your 2022 house clearance

Getting your house cleared in 2022 can help you reclaim your space.

If you want to make the project simple, a rubbish removal service in London can help get rid of your unwanted junk quicker and more cost effectively than a council bulk removal service.

And it’ll save you the hassle of taking your rubbish to a tip or recycling center yourself.

If you do decide to hire a rubbish removal service, get in touch with LITTA.

With a recycling rate of 93% you’ll have your rubbish removed quickly and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.


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