How to Prevent Bullying of Your Children This School Year



It’s an ugly word.

The bully used to be portrayed as the cool kid in school that got their way and everyone wanted to be them. Now the world is learning they need to play a positive role and encourage kids and parents to learn how to prevent bullying.

We understand that you want to be a positive force in the world as well. Continue reading this article to learn how to help prevent bullying.

Have Open Conversations About Bullying

No matter how many amazing blogs we read about parenting, it can seem like we never get it right. Being a parent isn’t easy but one of the ways to make it easier is by having open conversations with our children about challenges.

When we talk to our kids about bullying, we let them know that they are not alone. If they have questions about bullying, be open and honest with them even if you used to be a bully in school.

Check Their Social Media & Other Online Activities

Kids are often bullied through social media and other online communication. Monitoring your child’s online activity will help you stay in the know in case someone is cyberbullying them.

Talk to Kids About Being Empathetic

Part of keeping your kids from getting bullied is being a solution vs. a problem. Helping your kids understand empathy and how to be empathetic will allow your child to make wiser decisions when they are in tough situations. It is easy to get sucked into being a party to bullying if you’re trying to fit in but if you teach your kids ahead of time — it can make all the difference.

Develop a Plan In Case of Bullying

If you hear that your child was bullied at school, the first thing you might want to do is lash out at the child and the child’s parent. Lashing out at the child or the child’s parent isn’t going to resolve the situation and will likely make things worse.

The first thing to do is to document the bully’s behavior. You should also contact the school and let them know what is happening.

While you’re working on a resolution for the bullying, you should speak with your child and let them know that you’re there for them. When you tell them that you care about them and you feel sad this happened to them, you are modeling empathy to them which will help them in the future.

Go Beyond Learning How to Prevent Bullying

Now that you know more about how to prevent bullying, why stop learning there? Learn more about how to help our children and ourselves deal with other people is important. We have many articles on our site that can help you with everyday life situations.

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