How to Properly Build Communication with a Teenager

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To build a good relationship, one should learn to communicate properly, being aware of the age and personal features of the interlocutor. Of course, it is easier to hold a communication when interacting with an adult or a person you know well. But it is harder to find an approach to catch the teenager’s attention and willingness to talk.

Understand and Encourage a Teenager

Adolescence is quite a difficult period for teenagers as well as for their parents. It is a process when a growing child is learning to be independent and understand their own needs in order to be able to fulfill them on their own. Being under this period, teenagers are pretty vulnerable and easy to influence by different cultures and harmful habits like smoking, drugs, alcohol, early sexual intercourse, etc. In addition, teen dating often shows up at this age as they start conveying an interest in teenagers of the opposite gender.

In this case, parents should be extremely patient and wise when trying to start communicating with them. Here are some helpful tips on how to properly build communication with a teenager:

  • encourage them to help with some duties without pressure;
  • let them know that you are open to talk at any time;
  • when they need to talk, then take your time for them and give your attention – be a good listener;
  • build discussions without judgment, try to find out why they act in the way they do, and understand them – be a wise advisor;
  • don’t tell them simply what and how to do, but let them think on their own and find their own solutions;
  • be sure to hold communication with a teenager in calmness so you won’t hurt each other by words, etc.


Jeff Campbell