How to Refill Trimmer Line in Less Than 1 Minute & Save!

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I used to buy packages of trimmer line at the big box home stores for at least $7.00 per roll. Luckily, one day I learned how to refill trimmer line, and never looked back. 

Here’s what I learned:

Buy a bulk container of trimmer string and simply save the empty reels from your edger. Insert the start of the string in the hole in the empty reel and wind in the direction of the arrow. While you can try and wind neatly, I have had no issues with jams or tangles just winding quickly until the reel is full.

Can 1 simple lawn care tip really save you $50 to $100 per year? Is it complicated or isn’t the line hard to thread? Do I have to wind it perfectly to work?

Are you looking for some quick and easy ways to save money?

If you’re anything like me, the answer is of course yes!

We lead busy lives. Our paychecks creep up slowly while many of us have skyrocketing expenses.  Thus finding simple ways to cut expenses is a must! Once you figure out just how easy it is to learn how to refill trimmer line you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this years ago!

Admittedly, this a quick post and very specific, and not some epic piece of writing that will change lives, but one, nonetheless, I know you will save money and be blown away at how easy this is.

Doing your own lawn care is a great way to free up cash in your monthly budget!

For YEARS I have cut my own lawn (in fact very rarely in my 53 years have I ever consistently paid for any sort of lawn service).

I have owned various string trimmers/edgers, such as the Black & Decker GH900 I have now.

But I have always just bought their pre-rolled string reels, which often are around 9 bucks each (each one is 30 feet of string) or maybe a 3 pack for $15-20 bucks.

So I somehow randomly Googled around. What I found was that it didn’t look that hard to learn how to refill trimmer line. So I went and bought the same thickness of string (.65″) and bought a 300-foot spool of string trimmer line on Amazon Prime for under 14 bucks.

Then I took 2 of the old empty spools I had saved and wound the new string on them in all of about 3 minutes for both reels!

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It worked perfectly!

I edged my front and back yard and it didn’t jam or need to be re-fed even once.  That one lawn care tip just saved me a decent amount of money!

It doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that if I was buying 3 packs of the pre-rolled B&D stuff for about $18 and each one was 30 feet, that the equivalent of 300 feet would have cost me over $60 and I got mine for under $14!!!!!!

How much can you save by learning how to refill trimmer line?

On average, for my lawn care, I was changing my spools about every 2 mows (front and back, a little under 1/4 acre lot).

If we assume, on average, weather conditions factored in, that I mow about once a week in warmer times, twice a month in cooler times, and not at all December-February (I’m in central Texas); guess what?  That’s about 28 mows per year, or maybe 14 spools per year.

So I WAS spending about $84 bucks a year.  Now, I know I ain’t retiring to the Caymans on that but over time, with other money saving tips factored in, it does add up.

Besides?  Why waste money?

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Anyway, doing the math, that 300-foot spool of trimmer line I got for under $14 will actually last me up to a year of edging my yard.

So, with just this one simple lawn care tip that ANYONE with 2 hands can do, will save you upwards of $70 bucks a year.  Again, that’s not knocking years off your retirement plans, but it doesn’t hurt either.

Now, I know what you’re thinking (because I thought it too); surely it can’t be that easy!

Watch this video to see just how easy it is to learn how to refill trimmer line

Don’t take my word for it!  Here’s the lawn care spool video I found on YouTube that I watched to figure out it was insanely easy!

How to replace string trimmer edger line

Did I cover all your questions about how to refill trimmer line?

In this simple post, we looked at just how easy it is to refill trimmer line on your weedeater/edge.

I was blown away at just how easy it was to do, and you will be too. Not only that, but you can save a ton of money winding your own spools instead of buying those expensive new reels evey time.

Have a question about how to refill trimmer line?

Feel free to comment or email anytime!

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