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How to See What Someone is Texting on their Phone


Have you ever wanted to know how to see someone’s text messages? We all have. Remember that day you were out with a friend or relative who spent most of your time together texting on their phone. What did want to do? See their text messages, right? If you still want to know how to see what someone is texting on their phone, then keep reading this article.

Part 1: Is There a Way to See What Someone is Texting on Their Phone?   

Many people believe that it is impossible to see what someone else is texting on their phones. In addition, they have very good reasons to believe this.

For example, phone manufacturers have made it extremely difficult to hack phones. This means that if you cannot hack someones phone you cannot read anyones text messages. Furthermore, telephone service providers have put in place measure that makes it impossible to access and see what people does with their phones.

However, not all is lost. There are a few powerful tools such as KidsGuard Pro for Android that you can use to access someones phone and read their text messages.

How to See Someone’s Text Messages?   

The easiest way you have to read someone’s text messages is to use KidsGuard Pro for Android. This is a powerful tool designed to make sure that you can remotely access someone’s phone and check all kinds of data including reading their text messages. Find out it’s easy to use and works 100% in stealth mode making sure that you will never.

With KidsGuard Pro, you can check all text messages including those that have just been sent. This is a powerful feature especially if you are spying on someone and you want to always be in the know.

How to Read Text someone’s Text Messages:

Step 1: Sign Up for a KidsGuard Pro Account

Visit the official KidsGuard Pro for Android website to create a KidsGuard Pro account. Then select a plan based on your needs.

Step 2: Install and Configure the Program

After the registration, you can visit and install KidsGuard Pro for Android on your targeted phone. Then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the configuration of KidsGuard Pro for Android.

Step 3: Start Reading the Text messages

Once you have installed and configured the KidsGuard Pro for Android on the target phone, then you can log in to your KidsGuard Pro account and you will be able to access the target phone remotely and read the text messages.

More Features of KidsGuard Pro for Android

KidsGuard Pro for Android is designed to help you do more. Some of the amazing features you will love about this application include:

  1. Monitor Social Media

Other than texting, today young people spend more time on social media. If you are interested in checking someones text messages, you will also want to check their social media chats. KidsGuard Pro for Android will give access to all social media accounts login on the target device.

  1. View Browsing History

KidsGuard Pro for Android will give you access to someone’s browser history so that you can know what the person is interested in. Most importantly, you will be able to access even the deleted browser history.

  1. Check Call History

Other than reading text messages, you may want to also check call log history. KidsGuard Pro for Android will help you see the call log history including the time of each call and the duration of each call.

  1. Record Phone Calls

If you want to know, what the person you are spying on says in calls you can use KidsGuard Pro for Android to record the calls. This feature makes it easy to listen to any calls and to even import the recordings to your device as evidence.

  1. Track Location

You can use KidsGuard Pro for Android to track the location of the target device. You can also set a geofence so that you know when the individual leaves a given area.

  1. Check Media Files

You can also use KidsGuard Pro for Android to access and view videos on the target Android phone. You can also view photos on the phone and even import them to your device.

  1. Take Secret Photos

If you suspect someone is lying or is up to no good then you can use KidsGuard Pro for Android to take secret photos remotely. No one will know that you are taking those photos.

Why do You need to See Someone’s Text Messages?

There are many reasons why you may want to read someone’s text messages. Some of the common reasons why people read other people’s text messages include:

  1. a) A Parent Keeping an Eye on Their Child

As a parent, you want to protect your child from all manner of evils. By secretly reading your child’s text messages you will know when your child is in danger, is being bullied or when is up to some mischief. This will help you offer the best help.

  1. b) Spying on a Cheating Spouse

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you then secretly reading their text messages can help confirm or dispel your fears. This will help you know how to move forward.

FAQ about Reading Someone’s Text Messages

  1. Can I Spy on Text Messages without Installing Software

No. phone manufacturers make it impossible to access someone’s phone without having some tool on the target device. You need to install the program however, it works in stealth mode and no one will detect it.

  1. Will Someone Know I Read Their Text Messages?

No. when you use KidsGuard Pro for Android you can rest assured that no one would ever know that you read their text messages. This is particularly because KidsGuard Pro for Android is designed to work 100% in stealth mode.

  1. Can I Read Deleted Text Messages?

Yes. KidsGuard Pro is designed to access all text messages on the target device. This includes deleted text messages.


Many people wonder if there is there a way to get someone else’s texts. The good news as you have seen is that you can check someone’s text messages easily and without ever being found out. The key is to install and use the KidsGuard Pro for the Android app. With this app, you will have full access to someone’s phone without any problems at all.  



Jeff Campbell