How to Stage your Home for a Quick Sale

If you’re selling your home, you would probably prefer the process to be as speedy and efficient as possible. Whatever your reason for choosing to move, you will want to make the most of the sale.

So how can you stage the house yourself to speed up the time it takes to sell?

Think minimalistic

According to fitted wardrobe specialist Hammonds, interior design is key in helping get a property sold quicker. Respondents to their recent survey said that on average, they would be willing to offer £3.6k more above the asking price for a property decorated in a minimalist style.

The minimalistic style is valued even more highly among younger generations, with 12% of respondents in the 18-24 age groups saying they would even offer £10k above the asking price for a home decorated in this style.

Refresh your Walls

Repainting or repapering your walls is a quick way to make your house more marketable.

Hammonds found that white is regarded as the most calming colour for the hose, with 21% of people saying it is relaxing.

Duck egg blue and grey are also strong options if your walls require a touch-up. 20% of people said duck egg blue was the most relaxing, followed by 18% who favoured pale grey.

Property expert Nick Neill affirms the importance of viewers being able to visualise themselves living in a house when they initially view it, stating:

“The style that most buyers are attracted to is minimalism. It creates the feeling of a clean, light spacious home which lets people imagine themselves living there.”

Renovate your garden

The garden is a part of the home that shouldn’t be forgotten either. With a little bit of work, this can be designed to really show off the beauty of your home.

Landscape experts Houzz recommend installing evergreens to give the garden structure and make sure it looks good all year round. They also recommend making sure plants are well-spaced apart, so nothing will need to be thrown away further down the line. For plants that grow quickly, think ornamental grasses, perennials, ground cover plants and vines.

Appeal to the senses

When prepping your house for a viewing, make sure you appeal to all the senses, not just the visuals (as important as that is).

As many as 37% of Brits surveyed by Hammonds admitted that pet smells would put them off a property. Whether you have pets or not, you can never go wrong with a reed diffuser or a room spray.

Ensure your viewers are comfortable, airing the house out on a hot summer’s day or putting a fan to good use.

Creating a clean, contemporary interior design and ensuring the house is pleasant-smelling and set at a comfortable temperature will go a long way in helping you get your house sold fast and at a desirable price.

Jeff Campbell