How to Stay Safe in a Water Park 

Are you going to a water park? If so, perhaps you are venturing there to appease your children or grandchildren. To keep them enjoying their experience, it’s important that they stay safe, as well. While your comprehensive plan of insurance does include medical coverage, InsureMyTrip has decided to share some helpful tips on staying safe in a water park so you can leave it untouched. 

1. Keep Little Ones in Sight at All Times

They could be excellent swimmers or just beginning to get their feet wet, literally!

Either way, always keep them in your range of sight when at a waterpark such as Aquashow. Ask your children to swim close to each other so you can keep a watchful eye out for danger. Making sure you can always see your kids will ensure safety is possible. 

2. Suit Kids Up in Floaties/Life Vests

If you are visiting the park with a new swimmer, floaties for arms or a life vest can keep them safe while in the water.

While you are watching, chances are that they will want to push the envelope, so-to-speak, and explore more of the wade pools alone. This can give them some protection, even if you are close by. Protection such as this can also help them bob back up to safety after a long water slide adventure. 

3. Apply Sunscreen and Lip Balm

Being in a water park will put you in the path of the sun. Therefore, it behooves you to carry along plenty of lip balm and sunscreen.

The effects of the sun can be brutal, even on windy or cloudy days. In addition, water reflects sunlight. Lip balm will keep your lips protected, and don’t forget to apply sunblock to yourself and the kids with you every 2 hours.

4. Stay Hydrated

It’s important that you are drinking adequate amounts of water.

Keep little ones away from sugary drinks, like juice and soda, even if they beg for them. These drinks can lead to dehydration, despite not feeling parched. Water is your best bet to stay hydrated while having fun. 

5. Follow Park Rules

These are listed for your protection. Some parks may have varying rules, but this is because of the attractions they possess. Be sure to go over these rules with your kids before they are set loose for play.

Common rules, such as no running around the edge of pools, may be simple. Others may be more tricky to keep in mind. Be sure to review height requirements, as well, to avoid unnecessary frustration.

6. Bring a Change of Clothes

After spending a day splashing around and having a blast, you and your party will be shivering! Therefore, it’s always a good idea to bring a warm and dry change of clothing for the ride back home. Perhaps this will help the little ones even get some much-needed shuteye!

Jeff Campbell

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