How to Take CBD: 6 Different Ways

You’ve taken the plunge and bought your first CBD product. It’s a simple tincture that you got in the hopes that it will help you sleep and kick your everyday aches and pains to the curb.

The second you drip the oil under your tongue, you realize that you made a mistake. The taste is so bitter that you can barely stand it.

There are benefits of taking tinctures, but it’s not for everyone. Want to learn how to take CBD without hurting your taste buds? Check out this guide for a full list of methods that work for most people.

1. Tinctures

First up on our list is sublingual CBD and or tinctures. All you have to do is drip it under your tongue, wait about 30 seconds, and swallow.

Not only is it convenient to take, but it kicks in fast. Unlike some of the other consumption methods out there, you’re absorbing the contents directly into your bloodstream.

The compounds don’t have to pass through your digestive system, which means you’ll get the relief you need in minutes. The effects will last for a while, as well.

You have your choice when it comes to products. You don’t have to stick with the tinctures. You can also use sprays and lozenges. The problem is the taste.

Most people can’t take the bitterness of the products. The results also tend to vary from person to person. You may not get that much out of it at the end of the day.

2. Edibles

If you’re looking for a discrete way to get your CBD dose, edibles have you covered. Nobody is going to question the person eating gummy bears on the bus.

They also taste amazing. It’s a great way to go if the bitterness of tinctures makes taking CBD impossible for you. You don’t have to stick with CBD candies, either.

You’ve got almost limitless options because you can add CBD oil to pretty much any food you want. Baked goods, burgers, smoothies, salad dressings, almost anything is free game.

If you are making your own CBD edibles, we recommend finding a recipe and sticking to it by the letter. The dosage can be easy to mess up.

The other problem is that edibles take hours to kick in because they have to be processed by your digestive system. Many newbies overdo it by taking one too many brownies when they don’t feel the effects of the first one.

That’s a good way to make yourself sick. Take one edible and wait for about an hour. If you’re still not feeling it, you can eat another one.

Another thing to note is that edibles aren’t the best route to go if you want to be healthy. They’re full of sugars and other ingredients that aren’t exactly good for you.

3. Capsules

Capsules are small gelatin-like pills that contain a small dose of CBD. Taking them is about as discrete as consuming an edible. To most people, it will appear as if you’re taking your regular prescription meds.

They’re tasteless, so you won’t have to worry about any bitterness, and they’re all pre-dosed. Not having to play a guessing game to get your dose makes things super convenient.

The only downside is that capsules don’t pack a lot of CBD. In some cases, you’ll have to take 3 or four pills to get a significant dose.

4. Topicals

Topicals are CBD creams and balms that you rub into your skin. Many people use this method when they’re suffering from sore muscles after a trip to the gym.

Rubbing the cream into your temples can work for a headache. It’s easy to get your dose. You don’t need any special equipment to apply the cream to your skin.

The problem comes with the dosing. You’ll have to use a lot of it to get the amount of CBD you need. It can be easy to overdo it if you aren’t careful.

Topicals don’t work as long as well as the other options available to you either.

5. Vaping

You can vape CBD, but it does come with an extra expense. You’ll have to pay for a pen and all the accessories that come with it. The advantage is that vaping is one of the easiest ways to get your dose.

The disposable pens actually come with a premeasured amount that can take all the guesswork out for you. When you inhale CBD, it goes straight into your bloodstream, so it works fast.

It does give you a high concentration of CBD, which isn’t right for everyone. Smoking can also wear on your throat and lungs, but you’ll be eliminating harmful ingredients that come from some other CBD consumption methods.

6. Concentrates

In terms of expense, concentrates are going to hurt your wallet the most. You often need a huge set up to use waxes and dabs. Getting the dosing measurements correct can be difficult because of how strong the concentrates are.

Like with vaping and dripping tinctures under your tongue, dabs and waxes kick in fast. Manufacturers add terpenes to the products to make them taste better too.

How to Take CBD and Reap the Rewards

CBD is a great way to kick stress to the curb and take your life back from chronic pain. The problem is deciding how to get your dose. As you can see, there are a lot of methods out there that you can try. It can be almost overwhelming for a person who’s starting out.

We hope that you’re able to use this guide to learn how to take CBD. For more tips that will help you stay well, visit the Health section of our blog.

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