How to Unclog a Low Flush Toilet

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by Thomas Wiggins

You know the world takes Energy Efficiency seriously when you have energy efficient toilets. Yes, these are a real thing now. Following, we are going to explain a few tips that will help you prevent a low flush toilet from getting clogged.

Therefore, consider these tips and keep your toilet safe from clog and other issues.

Don’t use Ultra Fluffy Toilet Paper

You prefer the ultra-soft toilet paper over regular ones; we get it. They absorb more water, but if you flush them down the toilet, they will clog it. Super absorbent tissue and limited water mean they will absorb and sit instead of moving on. This will cause issues

Use More Water

If you have installed water saving devices all over your home but didn’t adjust the sewer lines to deal with appropriate float level, then you must waste some water to get your system going again.

You may need to empty your laundry or run a house down to introduce more water to float level and push the debris through the drain line

Force Flush

You can get more water to drain system with a flush. You need to fill a large bucket with water and pour it onto the toilet. This will make the toilet flush and pus water through stub and trap it under to clear any remaining debris.

If you suspect there is a clog, don’t do this because it will overflow the toilet. You would be a lot better if you used a plunger instead.

Flush Again

Fishing can help get rid of the issue, but you need to remember this is a design flaw where sever line wasn’t properly set up to manage lower water levels. As most homes are built to last millennia, retrofitting a new water saving device in older drain system can be costly.

On the contrary, modern homes are designed with conservation in mind, and they won’t have these issues. Moreover, their water lines don’t get clogged so often.

Prevent and Clean

You need routine maintenance of sewer and rain to prevent clogs. Scheduled cleaning can push debris through the line. So, you need to perform the preventive measures right after every six months.

You can also ask for special offers for regular service to keep the flow move without having any clog which build up over time. This is better explained on

Don’t Forget the Plunger

It doesn’t matter whether you have a low flush toilet or not; you need a plunger. Keep it nearby because it will help you deal with clogging and other issues. Just make sure the plunger you pick fits your toilet and creates enough pressure to let the clog push through.

Learn About Them

You need to the retailer and find different between wash down and siphonic method. Both methods to flush out your sewerage have their own benefits and issues.

Both methods have their own measures to prevent clogging. Modern toilets are designed with more water surface to hold the waste before flushing it down.

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