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How to Withdraw a Casino Bonus

Online gambling is one of the fastest growing sectors at the moment. The technological progress which has resulted in better internet and connectivity facilities, and the legalization of online casinos such as in many countries across the world has helped in drawing more and more people to the activity. The pandemic has further contributed to this growth: owing to the lockdowns, people were locked at their homes, and were desperate for activities that would keep boredom at bay.

One of the biggest factors that attracts people to the activity is the chance to earn some quick bucks. Even before you win at a casino, you are showered with casino bonuses. All online casinos offer bonuses to attract people to their site. You can check out some of the best casino bonuses at Since there are so many different kinds of bonuses to choose from, it is best to compare and contrast the different bonuses offered by different casinos. But how do you make use of these bonuses? Well, keep reading the article to know how you can withdraw your casino bonus.

But before we state the process, there is something way more important that you need to know. Always check whether the casino you are signing up at offers secured gambling. Secured casinos are licensed by trustworthy regulating bodies like Malta Gaming Authority, United Kingdom Gambling Commission, among others.

Gambling involves risking your hard-earned money, so it is imperative that you find a trustworthy casino to play at. Here are the most important aspects of a casino bonus that you need to keep in mind when you are trying to withdraw it:

Consider Wagering Requirements

The first and foremost thing to be considered, when you are trying to withdraw any Bonus, is the wagering requirement. Wagering Requirement is the number of times that punters need to wager their bonus before they are allowed to withdraw it. For example, a 40x wagering requirement would imply that you have to wager your bonus forty times before you can finally withdraw it from the bonus.

Of course, by withdrawing the ‘bonus’, the implication is the winnings from using the bonuses. If you got 20 Free Spins as a casino bonus, you would get the Spins immediately in your account. But whatever you win from these Free Spins, would have to be wagered before you can withdraw them.

Keep in mind to check the Wagering Requirements at the casino BEFORE you sign up for the bonus. Some casinos have very high wagering requirements, so it is better to stay away from those casinos. High wagering requirements mean that you would not be able to withdraw your winnings for a long time.

Allowed casino games

When online casinos offer bonuses, they come with their set of rules and regulations. One of the most common limitations imposed on a casino bonus is the limited number of games. The casino bonus cannot be used on all the games at the site. There are only a few games, selected by the casino, where you can use your casino bonus. For example, if you have claimed a Free Spin bonus, you don’t get to use them across all slot games, because that would put the casino at a huge loss. Instead, there are selected games: maybe Free Spins to be solely used on Mega Moolah, or Free Spins on a bunch of slot games by Microgaming, and so on. Pay attention to the games which are eligible for using the bonus, and try to indulge in those casino games more than others. That way, you would be able to withdraw your winnings faster.

Allowed Bet per Spin

The next thing that you have to keep in mind is the amount that you are allowed to bet per spin. This holds for instances when you are playing slot games. You are supposed to spin the reels, and hope that similar symbols line up together on the paylines. But, there is a limit to the amount that you can bet on each win. If the game is meant for high-rollers, it can have a very high maximum limit.

But usually, when it is a game that is allowed for using a bonus, the limit is low. This would ensure that you play for a longer time. If you wish to be able to withdraw your winnings quickly, set your bet to maximum, and set the game for Auto Spins. That way you don’t have to adjust the bet amount every time before you spin.

Recovering No Deposit Bonuses Progressively

This is an important thing to consider. If you try to redeem bonuses in succession, your account might face problems. It might appear to the online casino that you are trying to take advantage of the bonus, withdraw it soon, and then leave. People tend to do that often, which is why so many conditions are applied on bonuses.

Keep making deposits between withdrawals, so as to keep your account doubt-free. Also, verify your account details and add bank details as soon as possible. That offers further verification to your account. If the online casino grows suspicious of your account, it should be immediately shut down, which means, either way, you lose your bonus.


A lot of people get into gambling to create a source of side income. So it can be distressing if you are unable to withdraw your winnings or bonuses. But as you can see from the tips mentioned above, withdrawing your casino bonus is one of the easiest things, and you can do it without any hassles. These are the basics which you need to keep in mind, because their Terms and Conditions are different at different online casinos. Make sure you read them carefully, before you sign up for any bonus. Don’t worry, it’s not exactly rocket science, as is pretty clear. Just make sure to enjoy yourself and have a good time.

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