Here’s What Could be Seriously Bringing Down the Value of your Home

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Homebuyers can be fickle. You never know what they are looking for until they actually view your property, and even then, they might not make an offer until weeks later.

If you are concerned about making money from the sale of your property then here are some of the top factors that could be bringing your home value down.

High Crime in the Area

Studies have shown that people often look up the crime rate of a neighborhood before they even think about buying a property. People often don’t report when they have been a victim of crime because they are worried that it will eventually devalue their home as a result.

If you want to reassure your buyers, then it is always a good idea for you to try and set up a neighborhood watch program or something else similar so that you can keep your street safer.

Bad Neighbours and Disputes

Surveys have been carried out and they show that one out of four people are put off buying a property if it has bad neighbors. Arguments in the garden tend to cause the biggest problems, with issues ranging from untidy gardens to broken fences or even noise.

You also have issues with overgrown hedges, pets, and kids.

If you want to make sure that your home isn’t being devalued needlessly then you need to try and resolve any disputes amicably before you go ahead and contact the local environmental health service, If you do decide to go through the courts then your lawyer will have to let the buyer know that there has been a problem in the past.

If you are having problems with your fencing then fence contractors may be able to help.

Over-Improving your Property

Ruining the overall proportions of your home or even carrying out the wrong type of improvement will really deter a buyer from your home.

Examples include turning a double bedroom into two singles or even adding astroturf to the lawn. Having a totally open-plan area downstairs can also put some buyers off because they feel as though there is no quiet space.

Poor Schools Nearby

Reports have shown time and time again that people are willing to pay way more if it means their child getting into a good school.

If you know that the school in your local area has done badly over the last few years, then this could be factored into their decision.

Your Home’s Exterior

If you don’t give your home any kind of exterior appeal then your buyer might not even make it through the front door.

House hunters only need around 10 seconds to decide if they like a property from the outside, so make sure that you always try and add some finishing touches if you can. This can include repainting or even trying to add some flower beds.

When you do things like this you can easily give your home the boost that it needs so do keep that in mind.

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