What to Do If You Get Injured at Work: A Guide

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are about 2.8 million people injured while at work every year. Almost 1 million of these people miss at least one day of work due to their injuries.

If you get injured at work, you need to take the right steps in the aftermath of your injury. It’ll help you get the treatment you need for your injury and prevent you from running into any legal issues at some point down the line.

Check out our guide for what to do if you get injured at work below.

Begin by Getting the Necessary Medical Treatment

First things first: Before you worry about doing anything else, you should always seek the necessary medical treatment if you get injured at work. This is of the utmost importance since skipping medical treatment could lead to health complications over time.

In some cases, you might need one of your coworkers to call 911 for you if you’re seriously injured on the job. In others, you’ll be able to make a doctor’s appointment on your own to have your injury looked at by a professional.

Either way, it’s essential to get medical treatment right away. You shouldn’t try to power through a workplace injury, even if it’s in the relatively minor side.

Let Your Supervisor Know About the Injury You Sustained

Once you’ve received the necessary medical treatment following a workplace injury, you should report the injury to your supervisor right away. You’ll need to let them know:

  • What kind of injury you suffered
  • How the injury happened
  • What type of medical treatment you received
  • Whether or not you’ve been cleared to return to work

And you should do more than just walk up to your supervisor and talk to them about your injury. You should provide them with an in-depth explanation in writing so that they have information about your injury on file.

File a Workers Compensation Claim as Soon as Possible

If your workplace injury is going to keep you out of work for any length of time, you’ll want to file a workers compensation claim. Your company’s human resources department should be able to provide you with some guidance when it comes to workers comp.

If you’re going to need to continue to get medical treatment for your workplace injury, you’ll also want to track down a workers compensation doctor to help you out. Find the best workers comp doctor to address your ongoing medical needs and to nurse you back to health.

Knowing What to Do If You Get Injured at Work Is So Important

Getting injured while at work can be traumatizing in and of itself. But you can make the situation so much worse by not knowing what to do if you get injured at work.

Follow the steps listed here to ensure your recovery process goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll be able to make a full recovery from your workplace injury and get back to work in no time when you take the right steps.

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