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Importance of a Regular Dental Checkup

One of the most neglected yet important parts of our body is our teeth. Many people neglect their teeth due to not realizing the role they play on overall health. Neglecting your teeth could cause some serious problems in the future and this is why dentists always recommend a regular dental checkup.

An annual checkup will help you to keep your gums and teeth healthy and in proper condition.

Often dentists recommend a regular check-up every six months, this leads to ensure they are well maintained and preventative measures are taken. And if ever you decide to undergo cosmetic dental work, have an excellent cosmetic dentist in Ocala handle your procedure for awesome results.

At every dental checkup, the work is done in two parts.

The first part consists of an examination of your mouth. Here the dentist does a detailed study on the condition of your teeth, your gums and the inside condition of your mouth, and will normally perform an x-ray.

The second part of the treatment consists of a proper cleaning of your gums and teeth, also known as oral prophylaxis. The dentist uses the x-rays to check for cavities in your teeth.

Cleaning is done to remove any plaque and tartar formed on your teeth. Plaque and tartar are common for teeth and can occur from normal everyday habits.

This can be seen in the clear and sticky layer that forms on your teeth when you do not brush and floss your teeth properly.

If plaque is formed, it can be removed by properly taking care of your oral health.

If you brush your teeth and use floss on a regular daily basis, this removes the majority of the formation of plaque.  If kept unchecked, the plaque solidifies and takes the form of tartar.

Tarter is extremely dangerous as it cannot be removed through brushing and can cause serious oral diseases. After the teeth, it’s time to check your gums. Dentists have a special type of device they use to help determine the spacing between your gums and teeth.

If your gums are healthy, then the space would be shallow, or else it will be deep. If you have a cavity that isn’t filled, letting it linger on might lead to more damage and a root canal treatment may be needed – learn more.

Recently scientists have discovered that mouth cancer can occur if proper care of your teeth or gums is not taken, thus the dentist will also check your tongue and throat to look for redness, swelling and other possible signs of mouth cancer.

It was mentioned earlier that although the plaque can be removed by proper brushing and flossing, to remove the tartar you will need professional help.

Dentists use special tools to remove the tartar formed on your teeth, thus saving you from future diseases and also providing less buildup in between teeth.This process of removing tartar is known as scaling of teeth.

If you think that by just visiting the dentist regularly your oral health will be great, then you are thinking wrong, as a home routine is important to maintain dental hygiene.

“A dental check-up on a regular basis is very important to detect major issues early on and visiting your dentist at least twice a year can help you to have strong and healthy teeth.” – Dr. Aviram Shmuely, 286 Madison Dental.

Jeff Campbell