Want To Impress Your Boss Lady? Don’t Miss These Gift Ideas


“Happiness doesn’t come from what we get but what we give.” 

Even a strong, independent woman boss enjoys surprises and presents, even if she claims she doesn’t! 

A lady boss is someone who is independent and self-sufficient, and it doesn’t always have to be your work boss. She can be your mom, sister or even your partner for life, your wifey.

If you know strong women, you know they can be tough on the outside, but everyone appreciates a thoughtful present. You want to gift these fierce ladies the gift they deserve, and we understand that it might not be as simple to pick a gift from a random gift store!

There are far too many boring gifts in the market, you don’t need those! 

This is why we have compiled a list of gifts which includes everything from techy gifts to practical gifts that we think she will love. 

Let us start with one of our favorites.

Planner Journal

Executive and plan This is every lady boss’s life, and what could be better than a planner journal. 

You may have heard of planners and journals, but what exactly is a planner journal? Planner Journal is a mash-up of the best features of both a planner and a diary for all those busy bees out there!

Yes, planning and fretting over things may take a toll on everyone’s psyche; therefore, keeping a planner diary is essential. Every lady boss needs a planner to plan and execute her day properly, plus the journal section of a planner can give her some mental clarity. 

This present is an excellent option if you want someone to achieve their goals in life. 

Desk Plants 

Desk plants look beautiful on every desk. A bit of green and serenity among the chaos of work helps the mind chatter less.

However, did you know that keeping a desk plant is backed up positively by science? 

In 2010, the University of Technology in Sydney found that plants reduced stress up to 37% among the workers and helped in anxiety and depression. 

These reasons are enough to be the go-ahead to get a plant from the nursery. 

Box of Sweets

Everybody would appreciate a treat basket. Choose a treat box filled with chocolates and doughnuts and arrange it in a nice gift box

Treat boxes are, without a doubt, one of the best gift ideas for her that will make her feel special.

Portable Power Bank 

Every boss lady’s life slogan is “on the run and the move.” This also implies that she is likely to have dead battery difficulties on a regular basis.

Give her a power bank as a practical present, and they will never be stranded with a dead battery again!

Care Box 

A care package is another item to add to the list.

A care box is a box filled with not just food delicacies. You can always fill it with roses, candles, coffee singlets, chocolate thins, cheese crisps or a bottle of wine and maybe some masks.

The entire care box is what we refer to as “therapy in a box.”

She may open the box, place the flowers in the vase, light the aromatherapy candles, relax, put on a mask, sip wine, and nibble on cheesy savories.

Doesn’t it make you feel at ease just hearing it? We’re sure it does! This present is a definite bet for any hard working female boss, and they deserve the extra attention. 

Final Word

Gifts are a great way to express to someone you care about them and cherish their presence in your life. So purchase her a gift that will make it a memorable experience for her while also earning you some brownie points!


Jeff Campbell