How to Improve Your Instagram Stories Organic Reach

Do you want to improve organic reach for your Instagram stories? Are you wondering how to make Instagram stories that people watch or how to make money on Instagram?

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Here you will find all the best ways to grab more attention towards your Instagram stories, without ads.

How Does Instagram Algorithm Work

The Instagram algorithm decides the number of followers who watch your stories. According to Follower24, with the algorithm, you can identify a fresh, most applicable, and most appealing content for all of your followers.

Then the content gets delivered to the front feed of the follower’s Stories. That’s why it is vital to make people see your story to the end.

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1: Plan a Beginning, Middle, and End of Your Instagram Stories

In 2016, the Instagram Stories launched, and some of the users never consider that it would last long. It was assumed that this feature is designed just to trigger the youth or somewhere to upload photos and not considered well enough for the central feed.

Now, Instagram Stories have taken the main feed as it becomes the primary source of sharing things on Instagram.

2: Add Lots of Variety in Your Instagram Stories

Definitely, images are the best way to share content on Instagram; however, videos capture and maintain the attention of users more than anything else. In driving the load of traffic, Instagram is assisting carefully with more than half of the clients that say they have affianced with a brand after seeing a video on social media.

Other than that, you can add popular hashtags in your stories to make a variety for your audiences.

The perfect place on the platform is the Instagram Stories to strap up the influence of video. Here are a few simple ways to collaborate video into your Stories content plan:


You can use GIFs to spin a still content into moving, engaging, and funny Instagram Story post. In the sticker box of Stories, you can use the search terms to find the right GIFs for your post.


Make a precise, speedy burst of photos stitched together to create a small video that can move backward and forward. It’s a short, entertaining staple of Instagram.

3: Make Your Instagram Stories Viewers as Friends and Family

Instagram is a visual platform by birth that can help almost all kinds of businesses to make a private link with customers. When you walk out of your comfort zone and come in front of the camera, it is an excellent way to build trust with your audience and enhance the reach of your stories and business.

Today, you can see a significant amount of brands and influencers on Instagram, but engagement on both kinds of accounts is down. Facebook owns Instagram and says that it wants to bring friends and family into the feeds of people. So, your business also needs to have relations like friends and family.

4: Get the Attention of Viewers by Adding Instagram Stories

Harshly, Instagram users get a really short attention span and extremely fast likes. The Stories content needs to be planned because it can hold as many viewers as possible to the end of the post. You can add how-tos and different tutorials in the content for Stories.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, 2019 has been really a tough year on Instagram. Marketers and users have reported a spiky cry off in engagement all over the channel. But get ready in 2020 to grab the reach from all over the globe.

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