4 Top Tips To Help Increase Your Settlement During A Personal Injury Case

Have you been hurt in a car accident or suffered from an incident caused by someone else’s negligence? Then you might be thinking of filing a personal injury case. You might also be asking yourself, “What are the chances that I receive a fair pay-out?” On average, people typically receive between $3000 to $52,000 as pay-outs for claim settlements. It is essential to consider this, given that you need this payment to help you make a full recovery. Here are a few smart ways to increase your settlement during your case negotiations.

  • Keep all evidence

Having evidence or proof of the extent of damages incurred will help increase your chances for a higher pay-out. That means it is crucial to document everything from the moment you suffer from an encounter. If it is an accident, try as quickly as possible to take pictures of your vehicle’s damage, as well as photos of any injuries you sustain. Ensure that you collect the names and contact numbers of witnesses and other key third parties. If you have to write a police report, request a copy as soon as possible. With all these essential proofs, your attorney would build a solid case, thereby increasing your chances of winning your case and receiving higher compensation.

  • Do not settle too quickly

Accidents are unexpected occurrences. As such, they are usually not things you budget for, and it can take a massive chunk out of your budget. Therefore, you might want to settle quickly to help cover all the costs incurred.

However, it would help if you did not appear over eager to settle. Most attorneys would advise you to reject the first, second, and even the third offers, especially if your claim is stable enough and well-built to explain why you might need more. 

If you are in a bind, you might want to settle quickly. But to be on the safer side, why not apply for pre-settlement funding? Many companies like Legal-Bay Lawsuit Funding can provide you with financial assistance to help clear your pending bills while waiting for your settlement approval. 

  • Keep off social media

Whether you are settling in and out of court, it would be best to remain silent about your case, especially in public. That applies to posting on your social media accounts as well.

It will be held against you and might affect the outcome of your settlement. You might not know it, but the other parties might be watching your every move, especially when you are not in their presence.

The best thing to do is keep quiet and let your attorney speak for you, even in public. 

  • File your case immediately

Did you know there are time limits regarding when to file your claim?

Every US state has a set of limitations which cannot be filed and deliberated when it passes. Therefore, you would not be eligible for any settlement if you miss that period. That is why all attorneys advise that you file your case within the shortest possible time. 

Going into settlement talks can be long and often unpleasant; you must hire an attorney to give you expert advice and guide you through the process.

The more support you have, the better your chances of having a fair and increased pay-out. 

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