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Top 7 Indica-dominant Hybrid Strains For an Energising and Relaxing Experience

It won’t be wrong to say that the Covid-19 stressed out everyone in several ways. Thankfully, there is a solution to combat the stressful events. Oh!! We are not talking about killing the coronavirus strain itself. That’s still in its preliminary stages.

Here, we are talking about one of the efficient ways to relax yourself during these unsettling times. You might already be aware of this famous “natural therapy.” Confused? Well! We are hinting towards the use of cannabis to experience stress-reducing benefits. In fact, it’s one of the most practiced ways to induce relaxation.

But how? Before that, let’s find out the role of cannabis in achieving relaxation!

How Does Cannabis Help to Achieve Relaxation?

If you think cannabis and couch lock are synonymous, think again! Not every marijuana strain makes you a couch potato. Some strains provide the users an energizing high, while a few others make them feel relaxed upon consumption.

The strains’ THC: CBD ratio plays a vital role in determining the final effects. So, when it comes to relaxation, going for Indica-dominant strains is usually the ideal choice. It’s because this combination allows the users to feel calm, relaxed, and energized simultaneously.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the best Indica-dominant hybrid strains for an energizing and relaxing experience.

Top 7 Dominant Hybrid Strains For a Relaxing Experience

Girl Scout Cookies

This is one of the most potent Indica-dominant strains. The growers created this strain by crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison. This concoction is quite popular in the US and Canada. It is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. This is why it gives uplifting and euphoric effects mixed with soothing, relaxing experiences. Its unique aroma further makes it an even more enticing and enjoyable strain.

Gorilla Glue

It is yet another Indica-dominant strain that came into the world by fluke. It resulted from the accidental pollination of Chem Sis with Sour Dubb. You’ll experience a lovely pungent smell when consuming this strain. This strain provides a body high that relaxes your body while stimulating your mind. This is a desirable strain and one of the most popular Indica dominant strains that medical marijuana users love to have.

White Diesel

If you are looking for a powerhouse, this strain is definitely the strain of your choice. The CBD content available in this strain nicely balanced the higher levels of THC. The best part is that not only you’ll experience a head-high, but this strain is also quite beneficial to soothe a variety of aches and pains as well. Plus, the sank skunk aroma and fruity aromas are pretty intriguing.

Duct Tape

If you are looking for an evenly balanced strain, this is a perfect choice. It contains 1:1 THC:CBD ratio. It is a mix of the infamous Original Glue and Do-Si-Dos strain. The best part is that duct tape strain gives you a unique flavor and potent high. And you’ll feel a sweet or chocolaty flavor when consuming this strain.

It will hit both your mind and body. You will feel the cerebral effects followed by the uplifting effects. Experts often suggest opting for this strain for managing chronic stress, fatigue, and painful symptoms.


It is a legendary strain that’s been around since the 1970s. It is often referred to as a good night strain because of its long-lasting euphoria. Not only that, this strain offers therapeutic efficacy as well. It is pretty famous for its pain-relieving and stress-relieving features. It is also effective as an appetite stimulant and sleep inducer.

Cookies Kush

This strain received validation as one of the best Coffeeshop Strain back in 2014. It is a hybrid strain that’s a mix of Rolex Kush and Girls Scout Cookies. The levels of THC are not that high in this strain. However, you will still feel energized after consuming this strain. Many marijuana doctors recommend this strain to soothe muscle pain, stomach cramps, and sometimes even depression. Also, you can use this strain to manage muscle spasms and chronic pain issues.

Sour Kush

Cannabis users often call it Headband. The creators derived this strain from crossing Sour Diesel and OG Kush. You can use it to relieve your painful symptoms. The citrus aroma invigorates the senses that will never leave you drained or tired after consumption.


The pandemic presented unprecedented situations that made humans a little stir-crazy. After all, humans are not really good at spending endless time at home. They just don’t know how to spend time with themselves. To put it simply, humans don’t feel great about spending their free time.

Honestly, not everyone likes to use this time to read the best novels or scroll through different social media platforms.

Instead, many people are looking for other techniques to structure their day to put their minds at ease. In other words, when everyone felt anxious and stressed with the impact of a pandemic, looking for ways to relieve their everyday stress became more than a necessity.

Of course, you can work out, breathing exercises are an excellent way to deal with this. But what if you are looking for something instant or effective?

Here is how cannabis comes into the picture. One of the best things about cannabis is that you have various options available in the market. However, if you don’t know about different strains, it could quickly become a downside.

This is why you must know about different varieties before choosing the best one for yourself. You can take the help of the guides available online or talk to the budtender before making a purchase.

The post above primarily talked about the Indica strains that are usually known for their pain-relieving properties. Many experts suggest that these strains are pretty helpful in unwinding after a long day at work. And it is also quite effective as a stress-reliever. Surprisingly, some Indica strains even have higher CBD levels as well.

So, choose the ones that suit your needs the best and enjoy a relaxed time even amidst the pandemic concerns.






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