Does the Quality Count? 10 Facts to Know Before You Buy Inexpensive CBD Oil

The CBD market has grown to a nearly $5 billion industry in 2018 and it hasn’t stopped expanding. While this is good news for business, it can be a tricky situation for consumers.

If you are looking for inexpensive CBD oil you won’t have trouble as just about everyone is starting their own online shop. What is difficult is separating quality products from the bad ones.

Luckily, some well-established facts about CBD can help you make the right choice. Read on for the top 10 reasons while shopping for quality is better than being thrifty.

1. Growing Locations Affect the Product

When you buy CBD online the product might be sold from a specific location, however, the growing location may be a mystery. Growing in a low-quality location means poor soil, less care, and low potency, in some cases. Businesses may choose certain cultivators because they sell cannabis at lower costs, but this means that the growers spent less time making quality products.

A poorly grown plant also contains harmful components like heavy metals from the soil. They might also receive less water or sunlight and harvested early to make quick profits. These practices make the plant and the CBD product a lower quality.

2. Organic is a Must

Although hemp is a natural bug-repelling plant, which means less pesticide and herbicide is needed, it is still used often. Some farmers use harmful chemicals as a matter of habit. However, we are now beginning to see the effects caused by these substances when consumed by humans.

Solutions that kill plants and insects also kill the cells of humans. The end result is large consequences like cancer when exposed to chemicals. That is why a quality CBD product is always organic.

3. THC Levels Matter

When you buy cannabinoids, you want to know which ones are present. It can cause great harm to some people if the levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are inaccurate. This is because THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that causes a high effect.

If you are taking a drug test then you could fail if your CBD has a high enough percentage of THC. Too much THC can also make you high when you aren’t prepared. For example, if you go to work after taking your CBD, suddenly being high could be dangerous.

If a CBD company produces products with more than .3% of THC it is considered illegal to sell as CBD.

4. How Much CBD Are You Getting

The first thing you ask when learning how to choose CBD oil is the concentration. The amount of CBD affects the dosage. So, you want this information to be accurate to gain the full benefits of CBD.

Some studies have shown that up to 40% of CBD contains inaccurate amounts as stated on the product. While some margin of error is considered normal there is a point where it reveals incompetence.

Skimming CBD products of the appropriate levels of CBD is a sign of poor quality and a fraudulent company. On the other hand, too much CBD shows that the company doesn’t test their products for accuracy.

5. Consider Extraction Methods

When companies reveal their extraction methods they are being transparent about how they treat their cannabis. That is because some methods are cheaper but leave behind harsh residue.

Using solvents like butane and ethanol removes some of the cannabinoids and terpenes or aromas while adding harmful residues to the product.

The safest method of extraction is CO2 which naturally uses pressure to extract the CBD. It does require high-grade equipment, so investment by the company is needed.

6. Isolates Vs. Full Spectrum CBD

When you buy CBD online you want to find a company that is clear about the contents of their products. If they know their products then they should reveal whether it is an isolate of CBD or a full-spectrum product.

An isolate is pure CBD without any other cannabinoids. While full-spectrum CBD products have kept the natural components of the plant intact. This includes the terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial cannabinoids.

As a consumer, you should have the option of choosing between isolate and full-spectrum CBD products.

7. Third-Party Testing Reveals the Truth

The only way to know if the CBD oil online is pure and contains the accurate amount of ingredients is to see a third-party testing report. Any reputable company will share this on their website without hesitation.

The company must pay out-of-pocket for these tests that are conducted at an independent lab. Lab results can’t be misleading or altered so the data is reliable. It is essential to review these reports before deciding on any CBD product.

8. Standing Behind Their Product

Any great company will have a team of professionals ready to answer your questions and help you choose the right product. They will also assist you with issues involving purchased products and have a guarantee of quality.

If you find a shop online that has no contact information or background story then you can be sure that they don’t care for their costumer.

9. Promising Outlandish Results

Another way to spot a fraudulent company is to look at their marketing language. They may try to entice costumers with unique and extreme results. Claims of a cure-all for everything should be viewed cautiously.

CDB has a reputation for assisting with many ailments, however, research is still being conducted about their proven effects on the body and mind.

10. CBD is Unregulated

Remember that CBD is unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that they aren’t tested prior to going on the market. It’s the company’s responsibility to test their own products. That makes a quality company in the CBD market a major requirement.

Finding Inexpensive CBD Oil That is High-quality

Not all inexpensive CBD oil is low-quality. There are ways to find reliable CBD products without spending too much. Going to a dispensary or even a health food store will allow you to ask questions and look at products up close. Once you find a product you like, save money by buying in bulk right from the wholesaler.

With more knowledge comes power, so as consumers catch on to fraud bad companies start to go out of business.

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