How To Make Your House Instagrammable This Christmas

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It’s been a challenging year for everyone, and due to COVID-19 cases and restrictions, the rest of the year may likely be similar. At this time of year, people usually are looking forward to the holidays and in particular Christmas. However, with no one knowing if they’re going to be able to see their loved ones and with parties, markets, parades and shows likely to be canceled, the one thing you can do at least is to make your home look amazing, festive, sparkly, fun and Instagrammable.

And, if you’re not going to be able to have guests round then, it may as well look good on Instagram so you can show off all your hard work. So, how do you do that?

The Christmas Tree

Of course, it’s all about the Christmas tree; it’s the star of the show and the focal point of your home.

So what do you need to consider when picking your tree this year? Well, to start with, you can forget getting a real one. Artificial trees are in and if you want it to look good online then the taller, the better. There are a variety of options available, from glitter tipped, ombre to snowy pre-lit, and choosing one of these can really make your home look extra special.

Then the next thing to do is to start adding items to your tree, and the key here is to add large baubles.

If you want your tree to look good on Insta, then go big because smaller decorations just blend in and you don’t see them.

If you want your tree to look good on Insta, then go big because smaller decorations just blend in and you don’t see them. Add some Christmas ribbons for a more festive touch.

Where you place your tree is obviously important too so that it could be in a window or in the corner of a room, but wherever it is, remember the surrounding of the tree matters too.

Artificial snow, a tree skirt, or artificial grass plants can work really well here and add a little extra to your average tree. 

A Show-Stopping Wreath

Your Christmas wreath is the thing that people on the street will walk past.

Do you want yours to turn heads? If so, then you want something unique, so why not make it? There are loads of step-by-step guides online which you can follow, or if you don’t think you’ll be much good at that, then you can simply buy one or even head to your local florist or see if someone on Etsy could make you something unique.  


Decorating your house isn’t just about hanging tinsel and sparkly dangly things, you can really spruce your home with Christmas cushions, towels, throws, a tablecloth, or pick cheap table runners for sale that goes well with a Christmas theme, placemats, and tea towels.

Why not go all out and even get some Christmas bedding on?


Finally one of the most essential things about decorating your house this Christmas is the lighting. Not only do you need fairy lights and tree lights but you also need cozy Christmas candles and even better if they smell Christmassy too. 

Don’t forget about your window display either, make sure you add lighting to add some extra sparkle. 

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