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Installing Handrails and Stair Rails At Home

It’s not just businesses that require handrails and safety rails for outside their premises, but homes can use them, too.

Hand rails and stair rails are two different types of railing which you can use either inside or outside of your home. Suitable for residential use, these railing make it easier for people with mobility issues to get around. We are all familiar with having a wooden hand rail on the staircase, but it might help you or your loved ones get around the home easier if you add railings in other places.

Let’s discuss the differences between hand rails and stair rails and move on to the benefits of both.

Handrails Vs Stair Rails – What’s the Difference?

When comparing handrails vs stair railings, it is helpful to know the difference between the two. A handrail can be made from any type of material. It goes onto your wall and you do not need to install the barrier that comes with a stair rail. This means you only get the banister part without the protection underneath. Controversially, this means that the banister that runs up the staircase is a handrail, not a stair rail.

A stair rail is different. It runs along the top of your stairs, wherever the landing is open to the staircase. The main difference between the two lies in the construction. The stair rail includes the bottom part, the protective barrier which prevents you falling down the stairs.

The Benefits of Handrails or Stair Rails in Your Home

There are benefits to having either of these safety devices in your home. Here are the best benefits to convince you of the worthiness of buying a new safety railing for your home.

Personal Safety

As well as helping you to stay safe on your driveway, stairs, or in the bathroom, rails are great for the elderly. If your parents are coming to visit, installing one of these devices in your house will help them make it safely into and out of your property.

Stylish Décor

If you get yourself a nice wooden handrail for inside or outside of your property, you can complement the rooms’ features. Pick out the wooden furniture in your home by matching the timber or by matching the color of the wood which is already in place.

Acts as a Deterrent

If you were a thief and you were casing the street looking for easy access households, you wouldn’t pick the one with the railing outside. Why? Rails give the impression of a commercial building. If someone has railings installed outside, you start to imagine the house has CCTV, extra locks on the windows, and extra security. People who have mobility problems have emergency buttons to summon help. It makes sense then that the thieves stay away.

Stair Rails Protect you from Falling.

While handrails support you as you make your way into and out of your home, or up and down the stairs, stair rails protect you in areas where there is a danger of falling off. If you have a raised pathway, a staircase with an open landing, or any other exposed area with a risk of falling from height, then stair rails will help you.

Handrails and Stair Rails Both Offer Protection

At the end of the day, handrails and stair rails are two of the same kind of home aid. You could even use both in the same house if you needed to.



Jeff Campbell