Investing Your Money In Something Physical

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Contributed post by Samantha Garbett

For some people, investments like shares and cryptocurrency aren’t tangible enough.

Something physical that you can reach out and touch can give off a greater sense of trust and security. It’s for this reason that many people choose to invest in physical assets.

There are all kinds of physical things that can be invested in to make a return – here are just a few of the most popular physical assets that could be worth looking into.

Real Estate

Real estate remains one of the most popular sourced of investment.

This could be a house, an apartment, a business premises or simply a strip of land.

You could rent this property out to tenants for a profit or you could make a modification to it and sell it for more than you bought it (known as ‘flipping’).

Of course, you can also treat your home as an investment, remodeling it in order to add value and then selling it.

Investing in real estate is ideal for those that have a lot of money to play with – you can read more about property investment here.


Gold is another popular investment – it’s one of many precious metals that you can invest in.

Whilst you can invest in exchange-traded treasure and mining stocks, many people prefer to invest in physical gold because it’s the simplest to get one’s head around.

This could include gold coins, gold bars or even old gold jewelry.

Investing in gold can have hidden costs such as insurance costs and storage/security costs, so bear this in mind.


Certain rare old coins can sell for huge amounts due to them being a collector’s item.

Some people are lucky to find old coins in their attic or even dig them up with metal detectors. Others buy them from antique shops, online stores and coin shows.

Make sure that you know someone who can authenticate old coins as this will prevent you from investing in forgeries.


Wine is another popular investment and one that is suitable for all budgets.

A certain harvest from a certain producer could double or even triple in value – by investing in a crate of this wine you can make a lot of money. And if the wine fails to rise in value you can always drink it yourself!


Many people collect vinyl as a hobby, but it can also be a good investment.

First pressings from popular artists can sell for a lot of money.

The beauty of this investment is that you can get personal use out of each record – just make sure that you keep them in good condition.


Pieces of original artwork from famous artists can also sell for a lot of money.

This is an investment that you can also get personal use out of – you can hang the artwork on your wall.

That said, you may not want to shout about it too much if it’s worth a lot of money as such pieces can be popular targets for burglars.


Certain toys can also be worth a lot of money particularly rare limited edition toys.

This could include video games and trading cards. Toys in good condition and full sets of toys can collect more money.

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