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Is Bingo Only Popular Amongst Older People?

It is sad to admit but the stereotype surrounding bingo is definitely a negative one.

Almost every from of media from T.V to magazines seems to portray bingo games as a hall full of over 70’s silently filling out there card. Cue a series of deaf jokes and that becomes the general public’s perception of bingo – play at kingcasino.

How much of this stereotype is actually based on fact? Has the rise in online bingo games changed the average age of the bingo player?

How old do I have to be to play bingo?

To start, we need to wipe out a sizeable section of the population from the average. If you are to play a game of bingo and bet real money, you need to be of legal gambling age. This differs from country to country for example in the USA you need to be 21 to gamble and in the UK you are required to be 18 or over.

This means that people below this age are not going to be playing bingo, even if they wanted to. We will need to remember this when looking at the average ages of bingo players.

Average age of bingo players

Now let’s look at some real stats.

Bingo is a game that has seen a sudden rise in popularity in recent years, prompting many new surveys.

In the UK, the amount of over 75’s playing sits at just 8%. That doesn’t line up with the stereotype. Furthermore, only 9% of players are aged between 60 and 75. Bingo is definitely not for the retired age group any more. So, who is playing bingo?

The same study found that players who take part in bingo games regularly mostly are aged 24 and 60. This age group made up a whopping 75% of the pole and that includes both men and women. So, why is this?

The reason

Playing bingo is not the same as it was in the 60’s. Ever since 2005, the most popular way to play bingo is online. If you consider that the average age of the internet user sits around 28, you can see why they would be more partial to online bingo.

With more bingo games available online, it stands to reason that people who spend a lot of time online would likely come across the game. Therefore, the game of bingo has found an entirely new demographic.


The age old stereotype of grandmas sitting around the bingo table can now be thrown out. The pensioner is no longer the average bingo player. That title now belongs to the age range of the 24-60 year olds.

It is not just for women either. Studies have shown that a similar amount of men and women both partake in a regular game of bingo.

Is bingo for the older crowd? Not anymore it seems. There’s a new group of players in town and they are much younger than you may think. It is time to change the bingo stereotype.

Jeff Campbell