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Is CBD A Good Substitute For Smoking Weed?

Many people use marijuana for its medicinal effects on the body, which has led to the rapid growth of the compound’s market. The product is available in many forms like CBD oils, tinctures, gummies, and dried fruits.

In the past, most people got the benefits of cannabis from smoking weed. However, some patients are unable to smoke weed because of health complications and other factors. This brings us to the question, could CBD be a good substitute for smoking?

Weed for Medicinal Use

There are many benefits of weed. Most people take it to cure chronic pain, cure depression and anxiety symptoms, and epilepsy. Besides the many benefits of this product, marijuana also has adverse effects like nausea and vomiting.

Moreover, marijuana bought from the streets might contain fungus and dangerous pesticides.

What is CBD?

CBD is an extract of the cannabis plant. It contains another cannabis compound called THC, which causes hyperactivity in people, but has health benefits. However, CBD has 0.3 percent of THC, and these amounts are too low to cause hyperactivity.

CBD occurs in many forms like oils and tinctures, edibles, and beverages. The compound has the same health benefits and even more than marijuana. CBD forms are easy to take, unlike weed, and they have fewer side effects.

Effects of Smoking Weed

Although weed has positive effects on the body, it also has cons, just like CBD oil. However, weed has other adverse effects that are mainly due to its methods of intake.

  • Effects Of Smoking Weed On The Lungs

When you smoke weed, the smoke goes directly to the lungs. Although most people think that cigarettes cause more bodily harm to the body than marijuana because of their chemical composition, the effects could be the same.

For example, weed produces and deposits more tar to the lungs than cigarettes. Weed smokers prefer holding the smoke in the lungs for longer times than cigarette smokers.

The lungs are more exposed to the smoke, which settles in the system for longer hours than cigarettes. This can lead to long-term issues in the lungs.

Also, smoking marijuana irritates the lungs and airways. Most smokers will start coughing and wheezing, and the more frequent users suffer from bronchitis. One puff can cause more damage to the lungs than a five-chain-smoked cigarette.

  • Lung Cancer

Besides irritation, inflammation, and high tar deposit on the lungs, weed smokers are highly likely to suffer lung cancer. Marijuana smoke contains carcinogens, the cancer-causing chemicals.

  • Effects On The Mouth

The tar in marijuana poses a risk to your dental health. Most weed smokers don’t take care of their teeth, and they begin to fall and discolour. Also, many people who smoke marijuana have a high potential of drinking alcohol and taking other nicotine products.

  • Marijuana During Pregnancy

Pregnant mothers are advised against smoking anything, not even marijuana. It leads to the birth of low weight and underdeveloped children. Also, there is a risk of getting a stillbirth with smoking marijuana when pregnant.

Why CBD Is an Alternative Option for Weed

Smoking weed should only be an option when prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, if you are smoking weed to get cannabis health benefits, you can consider other forms of cannabis like;

  • Edible CBD

Cannabis is made into different forms, including oils and butter and candy-like gummies and dried fruits. These products are available in many flavours and dosages. For example, DynaWellness CBD edibles are available in various formulations and flavours.

You can get gummies in flavours like apple cider and watermelon, and the edibles are laboratory tested. When buying CBD brownies and lollipops, ensure you get them from well-known manufacturers like Dynaleo.

Edibles are easy to take, chew and swallow and don’t require you to find a special place like a smoking zone. They also don’t go to the lungs or affect other body parts in any way, so they could be an easier way of taking CBD than smoking.

  • Oils And Tinctures

CBD oil and tinctures are prevalent. The medicines come with a measuring dropper to ensure you get the dosage well. You can pour the oil into a smoothie, food, or a drink like coffee if you don’t want to feel the taste of CBD.

Oils and tinctures show the CBD effects fast. You place the tincture under the tongue and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Blood capillaries under the tongue connect directly to the brain and primary bloodstream, so you will feel the effects within seconds.

Tinctures are an alternative to smoking because there is no smoke produced. The oils are also convenient to take, and they are easy to dose.

  • Pills Capsules And Tablets

Most over-the-counter medicines are in the form of capsules and tablets. They are easy to dose, and you also don’t need to cook an edible to put them in. You can also conveniently take pills and capsules without getting a special place.

  • Cannabis Topical

Apply CBD directly to your skin in the form of balms, lotion, and cremes. These oils will help to treat pain, anxiety and depression, and chronic muscle pains. It is also an easier way of taking the compound, and people won’t know that you are using CBD.

Find a Solution That Works For You

Smoking marijuana is not the only form of getting cannabis health benefits, but better and healthy methods exist. However, the available forms of CBD are many, which makes it hard to choose.

To enjoy the product, ensure you choose a CBD form that works for you. If you don’t like the taste of pills, go for gummies and lollipops. Choose a flavour of your liking from the many gummy options.

Final Words

Marijuana is easy to abuse, and while some people take it for its health benefits, others use it as a drug. CBD edibles and tinctures don’t cause addiction, and they are a good alternative for smoking.

Jeff Campbell