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Is Investing In Cryptocurrency Worth It?


Cryptocurrency is one of those things that you either ‘get’, or you don’t. Many people make money every day by smartly investing in cryptocurrency, while others steer far clear of it because, well, they simply don’t understand how it works and are afraid to ask. But as a working parent, not a financial expert, is it worth researching, reading up, and learning how to invest in cryptocurrency?

Use this helpful blog for tips on how cryptocurrency investments can, or might not, work for you. 

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is like any other currency, but it does not exist in physical form. Examples of well-known cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Etherium, XRP, and Tether – among others.

You can purchase cryptocurrency and re-sell it when the price goes up, in turn making a profit. Similar to any other kind of investment, cryptocurrency has created wealth all around the world for smart investors looking to make a quick buck.

What Are The Risks?

Like any form of investment, there are risks posed when you invest your money in cryptocurrency.

The way to turn a profit is to invest when the value is low, and sell when it is high. Of course, you can’t ever fully predict how the value of it will fluctuate, and you may end up losing money if you don’t invest at the right time. Similarly, you could fall prey to cyber theft or fraud if you do not go through the proper channels or properly protect your financial details.

This can end up in a significant financial loss and legal trouble too. 

Due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are a very ‘young’ commodity, it is hard even for experts to predict how their values will fluctuate in the market. This means that, unlike investing in certain companies or industries which have well-known trends, cryptocurrency is more of an unknown area.

How do you know you are getting the best XRP price, for example? This can only be known with practice and expert intuition.

Can I Make Money From Cryptocurrency?

In short, yes you can. It all depends on how wisely you invest. If you are looking to make money through investing and are not already well versed in the market, it is advisable to invest in other areas before diving into cryptocurrency.

The more you understand about investment, the fluctuating trends in the market and the potential risks, the better.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency and want to know how to be involved with it, it is advisable to speak with a financial advisor about how best to learn about investing.

They can give you honest advice and help direct your money towards the right places, giving you a lower risk and a higher chance of making your money back – and then some.

Alternatively, there are countless YouTube tutorials and online advice pages about investment – just ensure the advice comes from a professional!


Investment can be a fantastic avenue to make your money work for you and make a great profit for you and your family. Before you dive into cryptocurrency, take solid advice, and do your research – then get started!