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Is The .22 Caliber A Good Gun Choice For Hunting?

Many people assume that the bigger a gun is, the better it is for hunting. However, an excellent hunter knows that guns need to be event-specific and refined. For example, the.22 caliber rifle emits minuscule rounds at minor speeds and smaller distances, making it a favorite amongst hunters. Experts believe that it is also a great beginner gun.

According to Legionary, .22 caliber rifles are highly popular and have tons of safety features, and the world needs to recognize their qualities. It’s a well-known fact that a .22 caliber bullet is less powerful but can still kill. A shot fired by the gun is lethal since each bullet’s diameter is 5.7mm-5.73mm. Upon entry, they also rebound through the human body, causing further internal injuries. Here is why the .22 caliber is a good gun choice for hunting.

Reasons Why .22 Caliber Is A Good Choice For Hunting


A modest .22 caliber gun is lightweight, making it easy and convenient to use. Beginners who are not good at aiming yet will not agonize over heavy guns for a target following like experienced hunters do sometimes.


Most hunters hate when a tough recoil makes their shoulders hurt. A .22 caliber gun makes people more confident to pull the trigger, as the recoil is not painful. The shoot and aim are easy to make because of this.


.22 caliber rounds are very light and affordable. If you want to go hunting, you can do so without being weighed down because you’ll be able to carry as many rounds as you like.

Also, a .22 caliber rounds require little energy to be shot. This means that your gun can take a shot that’s not as loud as other guns.

Gunfire Distance

Making use of the right accessories and enough practice allows you to shoot targets up to approximately 440 yards.


A .22 caliber gun is budget-friendly. You have the flexibility to set a budget and stick to it. Get a good deal by researching what type of rifle you’d like to purchase. Squirrel hunters often use guns they come across in pawn shops. You can find even more deals online.

Precision and Accuracy

Precision and accuracy are significant if you’re preparing for hunting in large groups for either sport or to collect food. A gun that fires at a 1-inch crowd at 50 yards is possibly more precise than what you’ll require while hunting squirrels or other similar prey in the woods.

Testing the accuracy and precision of a gun is usually only possible after buying the gun. Very few dealers allow you to test-run a gun. Purchasing from a popular manufacturer makes it highly likely to get a good quality gun. You can experiment with different ammo to increase accuracy.


Unlike accuracy and precision, testing triggers before purchasing a gun is possible. Make sure that you look for a moderately delicate pull and a spotless halt without mushiness or grittiness. Hitting your target with a standard trigger is possible. However, it’s easier to control the gun and get time-sensitive shots when the trigger is firm.

Dependability And Reliability

You need to maintain the upkeep of your gun to ensure its continued quality over time. Lever, pump-action guns, and bolts can diminish their reliability when not taken care of. If your gun gets easily stuck, experiment with different ammunition and bullets to find out which one works best for you. A .22 caliber gun is dependable in any situation.

Animals You Can Hunt Using A .22 Caliber Gun

The .22 caliber is fantastic for hunting small animals like squirrels, rabbits, and hares. With enough experience and skills with target and aiming, it’s possible to take out larger animals such as roebuck, wild boar, venison, and deer.

Other animals you can hunt using a .22 caliber gun include goose, woodcock, partridge, duck, pheasant, quails, and grouse.

Types Of .22 Caliber Guns

Multiple considerations you should take into account before buying a gun.


Savage B22 Ruger 10/22 Sporter Remington Model 34 CZ 457 American
Weight 6.2 lbs. 5.2 lbs. 5.5 lbs. 6.17 lbs.


Best Value Best Semi-Auto Best Budget Most Accurate
Action Bolt Semi-Bolt Bolt Bolt
Capacity 10 rounds 10 rounds 15 rounds 5 rounds


39 in 37 in 44.5 in 38.2 in

Final Thoughts

Hunting is a trendy sport, and it’s important to have the perfect gun for the best experience. However, it can be highly nerve-wracking if you’re not used to handling a rifle. The .22 caliber gun is the best to start with. It’s beginner-friendly and easy to carry because it’s lightweight. With enough practice, you’ll be on your way to becoming an expert hunter using a .22 caliber gun!




Jeff Campbell