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Is There a Strategy for Online Slot Machines? 

When it comes to playing slots at Clover Casino, whether you win or lose is all down to luck. This is because each slot spin result is determined by a small computer microchip called a Random Number Generator.

The debate that is ongoing here is whether RNGs are fair and do produce random results. Separate from this argument is whether it is possible to apply a strategy to online slots to boost your chances of winning. 

Slots: The Facts 

The first thing that potential punters should understand when it comes to online slot machines is that these games are designed to give the casino the advantage over the punter. This is also commonly known as the house edge and slot games give the house the highest edge over any other games. This is why there are so many slots-focused online casinos because these games are the main revenue makers for these gambling establishments. Despite this, some believe that you can apply a strategy to help you win on these online slot machines. 

Where Should You Start When Building a Strategy 

A good place to start when developing a strategy for your online slot play is to study the RTP scores of each game. Whilst doing so, you should make a shortlist of all the games that have an RTP score of 96% or higher. What this means for you as a player is that slots with high RTP scores tend to pay better than slots with low RTP scores. The advantage of playing higher RTP games is that you are more likely to regularly hit winning spins and bonus rounds. The wins may be small, but they can also be regular, and this slowly builds your bankroll. Some games have exceptionally high RTP scores, and these are the ones that slot strategists concentrate on.   

Sometimes slot games are also described as having a low or high volatility rating. Highly volatile slots can pay out huge amounts of cash in one spin or a bonus round. However, the most common behavior of such slots is to produce plenty of dead spins along the way. The best slot games to concentrate on whilst applying a strategy to your gameplay are slots with a low volatility rating. 

Jackpot Slots 

If your game of choice is jackpot slots, then large jackpots tend to bump up the volatility and decrease the RTP score of slot games. Therefore, it can be risky to concentrate only on these jackpot-containing games. If you have to play jackpot slots, then those with small to medium-sized jackpots are more punter-friendly than progressive jackpot slots. Even with progressive jackpot slots, you can study the values of the jackpots when they usually drop and then concentrate all your gameplay on a minimum bet on the slots, when you think a drop is imminent. Make sure that you only play those jackpot slots that allow you to win progressive jackpots even on a minimum stake. 

Look After Your Bankroll 

The most important thing is to look after your bankroll, and this means that you must bank your winnings regularly. Without a bankroll, you cannot play any slots let alone apply a strategy to your gameplay.

Jeff Campbell