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Finding a job has never been easy. You have to battle against other candidates and come out the winner.

You need to stand out from the crowd. You have got to impress! However, bagging your desired job has, unfortunately, become even more difficult in the current day and age. Fewer jobs are available in comparison to the pre-recession period. This has led to more people competing for the same job role than ever before.

You can find yourself having to stand out against over one hundred candidates, rather than a mere few. This is where a free job search site for those who are job hunting comes in useful.

This information is not provided in order to scare you.

It is not all doom and gloom like many news reports make it out to be. The jobs are still there and the right one can still be yours. You just need to alter your job search, have a great resume, and use great resume templates if you aren’t sure how to create one from scratch. 

Therefore, keep on reading to find the best job search advice for the current day…

Finding the best employment agency

There are a lot of recruitment agencies nowadays.

However, many people make the mistake of going for the first agency they find. This is highly ill-advised. Instead, this is a decision you should be making with a lot of care. If you choose one of the best employment agencies, then you will get to benefit from all of the following…

  • The best selection of jobs
  • Regular updates regarding vacancies relevant to your skills
  • Advice on CVs and interviewing techniques
  • A personalised service – The agency will get to know you better so that they can match you to the best vacancies
  • Advice regarding enhancing your skill set i.e. via different training programs

Perfect your CV

A lot of people do not realise that their CV is letting them down. One little error can be the reason why they aren’t getting called for an interview. Let’s look at the key essentials for all good CVs.

  • Your CV must be straight to the point. This is not the time to be long winded.
  • Your CV must look professional. Professional resume templates can help you to make sure that this is the case.
  • It has to include all of the key information, including your personal details, your employment history, your education, and your attributes.
  • Furthermore, it must be tailored so that it is relevant to the job you are going for.
  • Including pictures is something that is becoming more popular nowadays.
  • You must have at least two credible references as well.

Practise and prepare

Finally, when you get called for that all important interview you need to be ready.

There is no such thing as practising or preparing too much. You have to know the company like the back of your hand. You need to be prepared for any question they throw at you. Furthermore, practising is important in order to guarantee that you appear confident.

Take a look online for mock questions in relation to the position you are going for. If the company is a national one then you can often find that individuals who have had an interview there before will have posted about it online. Nevertheless, never be blinkered. All interviews may be different so make sure your preparation is as diversified as possible.

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