The Joys Of Getting Older: What To Look Out For

Contributed post by Samantha Garbett

When you’re younger, you feel like you’re invincible but when you’ve grown up a little and had children, you begin to realise that nobody is indestructible and that it’s time to start looking after yourself a little better for not just the sake of your health, but for your children too.

We all know that eating a healthy and balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise, not smoking, and drinking in moderation is the best way of keeping ourselves fit and healthy.

However, with age comes the chance of a few health problems, and while some are temporary, there are some things that you should be looking out for so that you can resolve the problem earlier rather than later.

Take a look at what you should be looking out for as you’re getting older.

Difficulty with chest or lungs

As you know, we use our lungs to breath and without them, we couldn’t survive.

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your breathing patterns and also take note of any difficulty that you may be having with your chest or lungs.

While it might turn out to be a chest infection, you could be suffering with late onset of asthma, COPD or even worse, early lung cancer.

Keeping a note and visiting your GP as soon as possible can avoid anything progressing out of hand and ensuring that you live as healthily as possible.

Joint pain

One thing that everyone will experience at some point in their lives is joint pain.

It often appears after an injury to that particular area and with rest and NSAIDs, the pain goes after a week or two.

However, if you’re experiencing regular joint pain it’s always a good idea to go and get it checked out as you could be experiencing symptoms of arthritis or brittle bones.

Many people suffer with their back, knees and ankles when it comes to joint pain, and that’s because it’s carrying all of your weight.

Have it checked out so that you don’t have to face any kind of ankle replacement surgery or other forms of supporting your joints.

Symptoms that could indicate diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that makes your body unable to process sugar in the correct way.

Depending on the type that you have, you’re often advised to watch what you’re eating and in some cases, you’re required to administer insulin into your body to help it regulate correctly.

Your doctor will be able to tell with a simple blood test and give you the necessary advice on how to deal with your diabetes. If you have diabetes, consider researching online for websites that allow you to sell diabetic test strips. This is great for diabetics who are struggling financially.

Diabetes can be caught at any age, but it’s common to contract it later in life, so make sure you’re looking out for symptoms such as lightheadedness, constant tiredness, water infections, extreme hunger, and loss of weight.

Your doctor will be able to tell with a simple blood test and give you the necessary advice on how to deal with your diabetes.

Any unusual feelings that suddenly crop up

Finally, the great thing about our bodies is that it’s able to tell us when something isn’t right.

While these strange feelings are usually nothing, it’s always better to be safe than sorry so make sure that you’re getting a regular check up each year and also whenever you’re feeling unwell so that you can ensure you’re living the healthiest life possible!

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