How To Keep Your Ears In Good Stead Throughout Your Years

Ear health is a super-important part of life – whether you think so or not. You use your ears pretty much every single conscious and unconscious moment. If you’re reading this and you’ve lost the ability to hear, then you’ll know just how frustrating and heart-breaking the entire process was. Because it’s just a part of life, we take our ability to hear for granted, and we don’t really think about what it would be like to lose it all.

Hearing isn’t just about sounds; it also gives us the ability to perceive certain things and to retain balance when sitting or standing. It’s a sense that has an awful lot of value. 

So, we’re going to need to continue hearing for as long as possible. It’ll soon drift away as we get old – such is life – but we can do a lot to maintain the skill until those deteriorating days are upon us. We don’t really need to go into huge depth or detail about how to take care, as a lot of it is just common sense.

Here are a few things we can do, though: 

Watch Out For The Loud Noises!

This is an obvious point, but people don’t often heed this kind of thing all of the time.

Sure, they won’t surround themselves with ear-shatteringly loud tunes all of the time, but they’ll attend loud concerts and stand right next to speakers when it’s probably best that they don’t. Loud noises might seem like a non-issue, to begin with, but they certainly cause a lot of problems as time moves on.

Be sure to protect yourself from loud noises if you work in things like construction sites or loud factories, too. 

Speak To A Specialist 

There will always be someone out there you can get help from if you feel as though you don’t really know where to do next.

Audiologists are experts in ear health and will be able to point you in the right direction should you ever struggle with your ears. They might need to examine you further, or they might just recommend some rechargeable hearing aids going forward.

Whatever your situation, it’s wise to let them in on what’s happening so that you can get a better idea overall. 

Be Careful When Cleaning

When you clean your ears, you need to make sure you’re not damaging your ears at all. So many people perforate their eardrums and cause long-term damage when all they meant to do is put a Q-tip in there! Don’t penetrate your ear too deeply when trying to clean out wax.

Think of using cotton balls and hot water instead – that’s a good start, at least!

Cut Out Your Bad Diet, Smoking, And Drinking Habits

Smoking, eating poorly, and drinking heavily are all factors that lead to hearing loss as we get older.

As we’ve touched on before, you’ll likely lose your hearing as you get older due to natural causes, but these three factors will speed the process up. If you cut down on some of these, you’ll also likely receive a flat belly, too, so that’s just another bonus if you’re looking for extra motivation. 

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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