How to Keep Your Garden Tools Organized

One of the best ways to reduce the hassles of gardening is by staying properly organized. Not just in terms of your routine and methods, but also how you store your garden tools. There are many advantages of storing your garden tools in a well-organized manner, from easy accessibility to better accountability and enhanced longevity of the tools. It doesn’t take much to explore these advantages as you can simply just use the items and spaces you have available in your home.

The best method for organizing your gardening tools is by storing them in designated storages like sheds, garages, outdoor boxes, etc.

These storage options allow you to explore both vertical and horizontal spaces in your backyard to store tools of various shapes and sizes. You can use decked storages like decked boxes, stands, racks, etc. to hold up lighter tools like clippers, cleaning tools, etc.

Here’re more expedient tips for storing your garden tools properly.

Tips for Organizing Smaller Garden Tools

Since smaller items are usually larger, you can hang them on the walls and on vertical spaces to save the horizontal spaces on the floor for heavier items.

You can hang a bike basket in your garden shed and use it to store small items like gloves, nuts, bolts, and screws, etc. Try storing long items vertically, including rakes, spades, shovels, etc. You can even use the rake’s head as an extra hanger to hold many other small items.

You can hang more small items on shoe racks and stands.

Smaller items can also go into jars and other containers. Preferably, use glass jars that are transparent so you can easily spot any item you’re looking for inside it. Avoid mixing up the contents of each jar as much as possible. Label each jar clearly so you can easily tell where exactly to look for anything.

Keep hand tools with sharp edges in a jar or pot that’s filled with sand to prevent their edges from getting blunt when they clatter into each other as in when they’re placed together directly in a drawer or shelf. Arrange your jars, pots, and other containers on a large shelf or cabinet in an orderly manner.

Tips for Organizing Larger Gardening Tools

Some large tools that aren’t hefty can go up on pegboards on walls.

Pegboards are an excellent storage solution for garden tools thanks to their adjustable pegs that allow you to easily arrange and retrieve your stored items. You can also store hoses, ropes, and extension chords in vertical spaces using storage solutions like wall buckets, pegboards, racks, wall pallets etc.

Wrap the garden hose around the bucket and then place the head of the hose inside the bucket to properly protect attachments like sprinklers, spray nozzles, etc.

The much larger and heftier tools can be stored in horizontal spaces. You can try using custom outdoor boxes, repurposed old furniture, and sheds to store up tillers, weed eaters, and other similar larger gardening tools.

Alternatively, you can use multipurpose organization systems to store all your garden tools.

You’ll find organization systems with various sizes and designs at hardware stores and pawn shops in your locality. You can also reach out to us today for more expedient tips for organizing your gardening tools and other parts of your home.

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