Ways to Keep Yourself Busy During the Lockdown

Lockdown is grinding on many of us. Of course, it’s extremely important to stay home in the midst of this worldwide pandemic – not only for your own health and safety but for the health and safety of others too. However, staying indoors doesn’t necessarily have to mean sitting around staring at the walls day in and day out. Sure, you might not be able to do all of the things you’d usually be doing right now. But there are plenty of alternative ways to occupy your mind, keep yourself busy and keep boredom at bay without having to leave your home.

Here are just a few that you might like to try out!


The first task on your lift should be exercise.

You still need your recommended one hundred and fifty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week. Now, you might not be able to go to the gym. But you can work out from home.

There are so many different tutorials and fitness plans online that you’ll easily be able to find something that gives you the results you want. Plus, exercise is good for your mental health too! It encourages the release of feel-good endorphins and chemicals while reducing the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) that your body makes.

A New Hobby

There are so many hobbies you can pick up from home.

Painting figurines. Origami. Picking up the basics of another language. Reading books and journals. Learning to solve a Rubick’s cube. Maybe even carrying out your own scientific experiments using research SARMs for sale. Whatever hobby you pick up, stick at it. Not only could it prove to be an engaging and fun pastime, but you could learn some impressive knowledge or skills along the way too!

Catching Up With Old Friends

We all keep up with select friends on a regular basis.

But if you’re bored and have time on your hands, you could reach out to reconnect with some old friends. Chances are they’re bored and have some time on their hands too! You never know, you could re-establish a really good friendship that you can continue by hanging out when lockdown eventually passes.

Doing a Little DIY

Most of us have DIY tasks that we’ve been putting off for a long time.

So, why not do some DIY while you’re at home anyway and have nothing else to do? Just make sure to be safe. Avoid power tools when possible – now isn’t really the time to put extra strain on healthcare services.

Sort the Garden Out

If you have a garden, you’re lucky. You can spend some time in the sun when it comes out, unlike many who are cooped up in flats and apartments. Use this time to get your garden into shape – cutting the grass, pulling weeds, and whatever else needs doing!

These are just a few suggestions. Hopefully, some will appeal to you and help to make this time a little more interesting for you!

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a husband, father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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