Key Details about Having a Tax Representative in Portugal

Do you think that you should have a fiscal representative in Portugal? It might be so but there are some basic aspects that have to be considered in connection with this. Follow this article, and you will get to discover them.

When Is Having a Tax Representative Relevant at All?

Let’s start with this explanation: it is necessary when you own some property in Portugal. In this case, you will have to pay taxes for it, and you are about to receive a notification from the tax office that will state such stuff.

If you have a fiscal representative, he will be an intermediary between you and Portuguese tax authorities. It may be a company or a single person who offers such services. Take a look at a list of those who may need to ask for the help of a fiscal representative:

       Those who have certain financial ties in Portugal but are not considered to be residents of Portugal or the EU;

       People who are not residents of EU or EEA but applying for NIF (an individual tax number);

       Those who have permanent income in Portugal.

So, there are a few reasons why it is a must to have a Portugal tax representative. If you see that you belong to one of the groups given in the enumeration, it is a good idea to consider having such a representative too.

How Much Will Having a Fiscal Representative Cost and Will You Get a Fine if You Don’t Appoint One?

Let’s start with the penalties first. They vary but the smallest sum you are about to pay here is 75 euros. The greatest one is 7500 euros though. It means that you’d better not risk and fine a nice tax representative who will act on your behalf.

As for the price of dealing with such a representative, things are also not the same here. You may select a company or a person who will not charge you too much. At the same time, their experience might be rather poor which can result in having certain problems later. That is why you need to pay attention to who you are selecting.

Here are some of the features you need to look for when choosing a tax representative:

       You can take a look at the site of the intermediary and get acquainted with key details there;

       If this is an individual who is working as a tax representative, you might not be facing a site in this case. However, you should be able to familiarize yourself with the positive reviews. For instance, it may be your friend who advised you to deal with this particular person;

       You have a chance to receive a consultation if you need it;

       All of your questions are answered and the staff does not ignore them (in case you are dealing with a particular company);

       The price is adequate. It means that after comparing it to a few offers, you see that it is neither crazy nor too low.

Basically, this is it. Taking it into account will surely help you to choose the best fiscal representative ever who will not let you down.

When Shall You Start to Look for a Fiscal Representative?

There is one important point that has to be considered: you should find a fiscal representative before you request NIF. This refers to the non-EU residents. It cannot work the other way. That is why you should take care of finding a good tax representative in advance and not postpone doing this. Good luck!

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