Tips For Kid-Proofing Your Car, And How To Clean It When Spills Happen

If you’re a parent you’ll know all too well just how much mess your little ones can make, but when they get into your car the amount of mess just seems to double.

All too often, you start off a journey with a lovely clean vehicle but by the time you arrive at your destination you open your car door to a mountain of candy wrappers, juice cartons, toys, and other miscellaneous trash!

If you’re tired of trying to keep your car clean and tidy, here are some top tips for kid-proofing it and, just in case those spills happen (and they will!) some advice about how to clean them up.

Get A Car Tidy

The first step to kid-proofing any car is to invest in a car tidy – a set of pockets which fit over the rear of the front seat and which can hold all the key items your children could possibly need during their journey.

With lots of individual pockets, it’s easy to keep everything separate and in the right places to avoid trash mounting up on the floor.

Plan Your Snacks

One way to minimize spills and mess is to plan the snacks that you’ll be taking with you in advance.

Avoid anything which is going to result in sticky fingers, messy wrappers and ground-in dirty would probably be best avoided. Simple, easy to eat snacks are the best way forward. Get a lunchbox so that all the empty packaging can be kept together and choose your items wisely.

Small packets of raisins, for example, are easy to eat and produce minimal junk. Chocolate, on the other hand, is best avoided.

Protect Your Surfaces

You can buy covers that fit over your rear seats to keep your upholstery clean and tidy. However, an old blanket or throw will work just as well and will probably be more comfortable.

That way, whenever a spill occurs you can simply take the cover off and pop it into the washing machine. You can also get rubber floor mats which will keep the seat wells free of mud and dirt from filthy shoes.

Ban Pens From The Car

There are some things which just have no place in your car, and one of those is art materials.

It’s asking for trouble if you allow your children to take felt pens into the back seat while traveling. Marks and stains will inevitably ensue and they’ll be difficult to clean up. It’s simpler to just ban pens period. If your kids are art enthusiasts who can’t wait to draw everything they see on their journey, stick to pencils instead.

They can cause a lot less damage!

Put Some Rules In Place

Make a rule that every time the car parks up at its destination all trash has to be removed from the vehicle.

The first few times, your kids might complain but after a while, they’ll get used to it. It’ll make sure that ongoing mess doesn’t become a problem and avoid the problem of mold and bacteria building up on old food and other unpleasant items which are left for weeks under the seats.

Tips For Cleaning

Let’s assume that at some point there’ll be a spill of some sort in your car.

That much is a given! Always make sure that you carry baby wipes around in your glove compartment as they will prove very useful in cleaning dirty hands and faces before the filth is transferred onto your upholstery.

Keep an upholstery cleaning spray close to hand so that any spills can be tackled as quickly as possible and stains won’t have a chance to take root.

The best way to get rid of any unwanted marks is to use a steam cleaner. These brilliant devices use only the power of heat and water to get to the heart of grime and dirt, removing it effortlessly. As they also kill bacteria, you can be sure that your car interior will be a healthier environment all around.

If you want to know more about how to choose the right steam cleaner for your car, there are details found here.

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