10 Ways to Give Your Kids the Bedroom of Their Dreams

girl sitting in bedroom surrounded by stuffed animals middle class dad

Whether you’re moving to a new house, doing a remodel or you’re noticing that your kids are outgrowing their current bedroom quarters, there are so many ways to give your kids the best bedroom of their dreams. While, of course, every child is different. Just like adults, kids have their own tastes and ideas, and when the time comes to design their space, they can participate in the planning and inspiration of their space while you offer guidance and practicality. Some kids are older souls who want a more sophisticated look, while others are vibrant and playful, and that’s totally okay!

No matter your reason for redecorating, there are so many amazing ideas you can try out for your kids’ bedrooms. Not only can many of these ideas grow with them over the years, but they can also strike a balance of style, comfort and playful imagination that’s so important for children. Here are some ways you can give your kids the best bedroom imaginable.

1.  Go With a Theme

One of the best ways to set the mood for the room you’re building is to start with a theme. While you can pick out the theme yourself for kids that are a little younger, delegating the theme to your slightly older kids so you can pick out more specific details is a great way to personalize their space to their creativity while offering a bit of function. Some creative themes include unicorns, wizards, safari, library and space adventure!

2.  Vintage Vibes

While all-new furniture is an option for your kids’ rooms, you can also lean into the vintage vibes by getting thrifty with your decor. Especially if you’re going with a theme that lends itself to more eclectic furnishings, vintage decor can offer a unique and sophisticated look that can age gracefully.

3.  Plushies Everywhere!

Kids love plushies — even older kids adore the comfort and fun of stuffed animals. While it can be tempting to keep the plushies under control, especially in smaller bedrooms, stuffed animals can offer fun, comfort and imagination for kids. If space is an issue, you can always find plushies with creative uses, like plushies that function as chairs, bean bags, blankets and even storage.

4.  Bunking

It’s a well-known fact that kids love bunk beds, lofts and other forms of creative sleeping arrangements. If your kids share their space with one another, setting them up with bunk arrangements can make the prospect much more exciting. While you may be concerned about safety, most loft and bunk beds are designed with kids in mind, and you can take additional precautions to make sure they’re safe.

5.  Bookish Vibes

If you have kiddos who love to learn, why not use books as a form of decoration? So many children dream of having their own library, and you can give them a mini-library right in their own bedroom. This is not only functions as decor, but it can also function as storage.

6.  Wallpaper Murals

Sometimes, putting up a mural or painting an entire wall can be too much work for a bedroom that’s subject to change in the years to come. But you can still get creative with wall space by putting up a mural using wallpaper. This allows you to see the design before you use it, as well as being able to find something that specifically suits your child’s personality.

7.  Space for Play

While some homes are blessed with abundant space, others have to make space wherever they can. It’s highly likely that your child’s bedroom could be the smallest in the house, especially if they’re younger. If you don’t have a designated play room, make sure you leave some open space for your child to play and have fun.

8.  Use Toys to Decorate

Speaking of saving space, one of the main ways that you can decorate with personality and save on room is to use toys and hobbies as a form of decoration. Whether your child is a musician who plays guitar or a lover of art, you can use their toys to decorate, and their room will feel much more like their own.

9.  A Little Privacy

This might come into play much more with older children, but it can be useful for kids of any age. If your kids share a room with one another, putting up a curtain or folding divider can give them the privacy they need. Even kids require a bit of personal space, and even if their quarters are a bit cramped, you can do your best to help them out in that regard.

10. Allow For Imagination

If you want to encourage imagination and agency in your kids, you can allow parts of their space to be entirely theirs and ever-changing, whether you set up a chalkboard wall for them to express their creativity or you involve them in the ongoing decor process, you can let their imaginations run wild in their space.

Giving Your Kids the Perfect Bedroom

Every child is different, and that means every bedroom will likely be different. Whether your kids are a bit more sophisticated and want a vintage, bookish bedroom or they’re free-spirited and artistic with plushies and murals, you can build the best bedroom possible.

Jeff Campbell