Gentle Dental: 5 Tips to Get Kids Brushing Teeth

Did you know that tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the human body? When you have healthy tooth enamel it protects your teeth from cavity-causing oral bacteria. This is important for kids and adults alike for oral health.

How do you keep your child’s tooth enamel healthy? Brushing their teeth is just as important for kids as it is for adults. We look at 5 tips to help get kids brushing teeth in the article below.

1. Set a Toothbrushing Schedule

In order to get your kids brushing teeth every day, try to establish a schedule to toothbrushing. Pick a time in their morning and night routine specifically for brushing their teeth.

To stay on schedule make sure you set an alarm or stick to the routine. Maybe the kids should brush their teeth first thing in the morning after waking up. Check-in with them every day to make sure that they actually brushed their teeth at the right time.

2. Be a Role Model and Brush Together

It’s easier to get kids to brush their teeth if you’re doing it with them. Try to be a good role model and make tooth brushing time a family activity. Brushing your teeth can be as fun as you make it out to be.

Use this family time as a teaching moment. Make sure you model good oral hygiene and correct their technique when needed.

3. Pick a Fun Themed Toothbrush

Let your kids choose their own toothbrush! Kids love to pick out their own items. Take them to the store and let them choose the themed toothbrush of their dreams.

Kids may be more excited to brush their teeth if their toothbrush has their favorite superhero or princess on it. If their toothbrush is their favorite color they may just want to brush a little bit longer.

4. Play a Song During Toothbrushing Time

Do your kids struggle to brush their teeth for the full two minutes? If your child needs help brushing for 120 seconds, play a song. As long as this song is playing your child will know to keep brushing.

Find a song that is around 2 minutes in length that is appropriate for children. You can even let your child help pick out their toothbrushing time song for extra excitement.

5. Have a Great Pediatric Dentist

One way to get your kids to brush their teeth is to see a pediatric dentist. If your kids love going to the dentist then teeth brushing is easy! The right dentist will take the time to explain the importance of good oral hygiene.

If your kids are scared of the dentist consider finding a new one. It may not be the right personality fit. Try a pediatric dentist who specializes in working with kids.

Kids Brushing Teeth is Important

It’s important that you teach your kids brushing teeth is important. Follow these five tips and tricks to keep their teeth pearly white. If you enjoyed this article check out others on our blog to learn more information.

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