Are Your Kids Holding You Back From Chasing Personal Goals?

Kids take up a lot of time, money and energy – but just because your kids are now your main focus doesn’t mean that you should stop focusing on yourself altogether.

Personal goals are important for our sanity, helping us to feel that we have other purposes beyond parenthood and helping us to constantly improve upon ourselves.

Not only that, personal goals can also benefit your kids by inspiring them to set their own goals, helping them to always strive to be the best version of themselves possible.

Chasing personal goals whilst raising kids isn’t easy, but in all cases it’s possible. Here are a few examples of big personal goals that you can still achieve with kids.

Travelling the world

Many of us give up on travel goals as soon as we have kids, but there’s no reason why you can’t still travel with your kids.

It will be more expensive and you’ll need to do more planning ahead, but otherwise it’s entirely possible and could help to give your kids a valuable experience.

When it comes to infants, you’ll have to be prepared to pack more essentials such as a baby sling, a travel cot and perhaps a collapsible pram.

Another option could be to send these out to your destination. When it comes to finding milk and baby supplies, you may also want to do some research ahead.

Whilst this is a lot of extra hassle, you’ll most likely not have to pay much more to take an infant as airplanes generally don’t charge if you don’t need a seat and you won’t need to pay for extra beds.

As for older kids, you may be a little more limited as to when you travel – six months travelling the world may not be sensible as your kids could miss a lot of school, but you could still travel for a month in the summer and experience more than just a vacation.

There’s lots of support out there for travelling with kids including specialist travel companies and blogs for offering advice such as Mini Travellers.

Even if you’d rather travel without your kids, you can always wait until they’re a little older and either hire a babysitter or leave them to look after themselves for a week (obviously they’d have to be in their late teens).

Getting an education/learning new skills

Parenthood also needn’t stop you returning to education to get extra qualifications. In fact, it could teach your kids the value of education and learning.

There are now more flexible options available for parents.

Certain courses such as Redland’s online MBA can be completely entirely over the web in your own time – whilst you may still have certain deadlines to meet, you can choose hours to study around raising children and you won’t have to travel to a campus.

You could hire a babysitter or get a partner or family member to look after your kids as you study. You may even be able to study whilst they’re at school or nursery.

On top of gaining an education, you can also still learn new skills as a parent.

This could include anything from learning a new language to learning an instrument to taking up a new sport or even learning a new craft hobby.

As with studying, you can simply hire a babysitter to look after your kids whilst you focus on learning this skill.

You may even be able to learn a skill with your kids such as taking music lessons together or taking up a new sport such as skiing together.

Starting a business

There’s also no reason why you can’t start a business whilst raising kids.

It could actually have its benefits – you’ll be able to arrange your own work schedule around looking after your children as well as having the freedom to take as much holiday as you want.

On top of this, it could inspire your kids to have their own entrepreneurial vision. You may even be able to pass down your business to your kids as part of your legacy.

Many business can be run from home – all you need is a phone and a computer.

This could save you money on renting work premises. There are loans and investment options available for starting a business if you don’t have the funds, which could save you having to save up as much money.

In some cases you may lose certain work benefits you may get with an employer such as free health insurance.

However, there’s always the possibility that you may earn more than you did under employment, allowing you to afford your own insurance scheme.

Chasing fitness goals

Becoming a parent is also no reason to quit exercise.

Many parents let themselves get out of shape because they’re exhausted by the demands of being a parent and don’t feel they have the time.

However, exercising and getting back into shape could give you back energy, plus you’ll be inspiring your kids to live a healthy lifestyle and embrace physical activity.

You don’t have to go out to a gym or go jogging to get fit – there are plenty of ways to work out from home.

On top of this, you can exercise with your kids. When it comes to infants, there are plenty of exercises you can do with babies that are as effective as using weights, whilst you can always use a sling to go on hikes or an even an infant carriage when cycling.

As kids get older meanwhile, you can start taking up activities such as hiking or cycling or sports with them, helping you both to stay fit.

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