10 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code in 2020

Thinking about getting your kids into coding? Coding may not be a new concept but it is an unfamiliar subject for many of us. Should kids learn to code?

You might even be thinking why is it so important that my kids need to learn about it? In a world that is dominated by technology, coding is essential for the development of websites and the production and running of apps, so it has a vital role in our everyday lives, showing how important it is that the next generation can code and continue developing technology to the next level.

Kids can start to learn how to code from a young age and there are many exciting coding games available that are perfect for kids of all ages and will give them the ideal introduction to the world of coding.

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10 Best Reasons to Get Kids Coding in 2020

1.       Technology is the future

As technology develops and plays a greater role in our everyday lives it becomes increasingly important that we have skilled people working in the technology industry who are able to code.

This means that kids who have learned how to code will be in high demand to fill the many coding jobs, not only in the technology field but across every business sector that relies on technology. Coding is a great way to ensure that your kid develops relevant skills that are sought after.

2.       Learn valuable skills

Regardless of any future job ambitions that your kids may have, coding will enable the development of many important all-round skills that can be used in everyday life.

The challenge of coding can also help kids discover the desire to learn while also having a positive impact on their school grades. The character building impact of coding makes it an essential skill for every kid to learn that will have endless positive results.

3.       Teaching problem-solving skills

Coding is also an extremely beneficial skill for teaching kids how to think for themselves and how to work through a problem. Many kids will struggle to solve an unfamiliar problem but a kid who understands coding will stand out from the crowd as they calmly and rationally solve the problem and discover the answer.

Many schools do not focus enough on helping kids learn to solve problems, so coding is the perfect way to encourage your kids to develop essential skills while also broadening their educational learning.

4.       Provide a greater understanding of mathematics

Mathematics can be a daunting subject for many kids but coding can teach kids vital mathematical skills without them realizing.

These skills can be put into practice during mathematics classes and will help your kid develop an understanding of this complex subject.

Coding is also certain to help your kid improve their mathematics grade, so will have a positive impact on their learning. This means that coding and mathematics will complement each other and it gives all coding loving kids the perfect reason for completing their mathematics homework.

5.       Increasing confidence

You might have already realized that coding provides many benefits for kids that will help them to navigate everyday life but coding also helps kids to develop their confidence.

Many parents search for solutions to help their kid gain confidence, without realizing that the process of coding can help kids achieve this by themselves. This is due to the success and sense of achievement that the completion of every coding problem brings that will lead to an increase in your kid’s confidence.

This is not only beneficial for their school experience but will help ensure that they are successful throughout life.

6.       Fun and rewarding

One of the most important reasons for introducing your kid to coding is that it is a fun and exciting activity that they will enjoy spending their time investigating. Each coding problem provides kids with a thrilling challenge that will reward them as they work through it, making it the ideal past time for all kids.

There is also a great range of kids coding games that do not involve screen time so are perfect for getting kids to use their minds.

7.       Provides an exciting challenge

Many school classes are now focused on teaching kids how to answer set questions so that they can pass their exams. This makes coding the perfect extra-curricular activity that provides kids with exciting challenges to solve.

Kids will then be able to develop the skills needed to complete these challenges while successfully progressing through different levels of difficulty.

8.       Job opportunities

For any kids who love coding and want to involve coding in their career choice will find that there are a great variety of coding job opportunities available. Kids who can code will have the pick of the jobs, so they can find their dream job that they are sure to love.

Even if your kids do not want to work in the field of coding then the transferable skills that are gained from learning to code will be valued by all employers, so they have an increased chance of being successful in any job.

9.       Provides financial security

We all rely on technology to function in our day to day lives, so we are certain to need coders for the foreseeable future. As businesses require technology to exist this is an exciting developing field that is certain to provide financial security to people with coding skills.

Coding is not an easy subject to master and is often compared to learning a new language, so by introducing kids to coding at an early age, you are providing them with the best start to this fascinating subject at a stage in their life when they are most likely to be successful and master it.

10.   Under subscribed market

Currently, there is a shortage of coders to fill the many coding positions that are available, so this provides kids with the perfect opportunity to become the next generation of coders.

This is a rewarding field to work in that provides stimulating challenges and ensures that every day is different. With our dependence on the use of computer programs, this will certainly be a field that is always searching for hard-working coders.

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