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The 3 Kitchen Tools That Are A Must Have In Every Home

We spend most of our time at home in the kitchen aside from when we are sleeping. Three meals a day need to be prepared there and often for a family. This means that it is vitally important to have your kitchen set up in a way that’s as functional as it is comfortable.

There are a lot of kitchen gadgets and tools that claim to be useful and many of them are. However, there is little need to fill your kitchen to the brim with a lot of cooking tools. There are a few that every home cook can get a lot of use out of. These are tools that you should definitely splurge on and get ones that will last. In this article, we will go over several of those must-have kitchen tools.

1 – A set of professional knives

A set of good knives that are of high quality are essential. Unfortunately, many people go for cheap knives that don’t cut well and end up needing to be replaced very quickly. Good knives will make your life so much easier and are much safer than ordinary knives that get dull quickly.

Since they are the main tool we use in the kitchen it is logical to choose a good knife that will last you many years. You’ll need to spend a little money on a good set that is made with high-quality carbon steel. These knives are built for professionals so they can do it all and last a lifetime with the right care.

To make sure they last and work well, you should be using a knife sharpening stone to keep a razor’s edge on them.

2 – A stand mixer

These are gadgets that are expensive and seem like splurging or spoiling yourself when you buy one. The reality is that they are extremely useful and are required to make your life easier if you do a lot of cooking.

For bakers, there is no way to get a batter that comes out as consistent as ones made with a stand mixer. Kneading bread dough makes for an easier process and also a much better gluten structure. You can make professional-quality bread at home by using a good stand mixer.

They can also use attachments like pasta rollers, or meat grinders so there are a lot of ways to use them besides for baking.

3 – Enamel Dutch oven

So many people are out buying things like slow cookers or machines that do essentially what a good Dutch oven can do. Instead of spending money on a gadget, spend it on a solid Dutch oven made of cast iron and then covered in enamel.

These last a lifetime and are often considered heirlooms for how durable they are. There is no way to achieve the kind of results that you get by baking a slow-cooked roast or stew in a Dutch oven. The electric slow cookers don’t hold a candle to the texture and flavor that you get from cooking them the traditional way.





Jeff Campbell