How to Continue Learning at Home?

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The trend of at-home learning has probably never seen as much popularity as now. With the world grappling with a pandemic, students of all ages are having their education disrupted. According to various estimates, over 130 countries have now closed their schools, which has affected nearly 80% of students worldwide. Similarly hit are the higher education institutes, causing research and projects to be thrown into a state of uncertainty for students and researchers globally.

In these unprecedented times, online learning is proving to be a silver lining for millions of learners, giving them the ability to continue education even when the schools, colleges, and universities close.

While learning from home is not a novel concept, it is certainly witnessing a massive push with the learning landscape fast-moving online due to the ongoing crisis. However, for many this might be a new way of learning, not to mention, the related aspects like studying alone and finding the motivations to do so on a daily basis can be challenging.

That said, here are some helpful tips that will make it easier for you to continue learning at home.

  1. Have a dedicated space

This is basically learn-from-home 101. If you don’t set up a space that you’ll be using only for the purpose of studying, it will be difficult for you to get into the study-mode. It’s also important to have this space away from the more noisy or frequently-used parts of your home, otherwise, you might struggle to keep distractions at bay.

  1. Get Organised

Before beginning your study session, keep your login details, books, study materials, and stationary handy, so you don’t have to keep pausing your session to look for things you need. The chances of being distracted are always high when you take too many untimely breaks.

  1. Maintain a routine

One of the pros of online learning is the freedom and flexibility it offers.

But, it doesn’t mean you should forego all sorts of routine and squeeze in 5 hours of bingeing on Netflix just because you can catch up on your learning later. It’s important to create and stick to a routine if wish to get anywhere close to your goals with your education while you continue to learn from home.

  1. Maintain contacts

Learning from the confines of your home can seem like a lonely ride.

But it doesn’t have to be. With huge online learning communities on virtually any subject under the sun, you can always find and connect with a study partner or a group of learners pursuing the same course as you. It can be refreshing to talk to someone else about the doubts or problems you might be facing in your lessons. You can even get helpful tips and tricks to get better at your course.

  1. Rest and reward

It’s incredibly vital to take well-timed breaks between your study sessions to avoid stress and burnouts.

Equally important is to plan a little reward for yourself for crossing milestones such as passing tests or achieving a high score. These are healthy practices that will help you maintain your mojo.

As with everything new, learning from home might involve some adapting if you’re not used to it. But once you’ve figured the right ways to go about it, it’s likely that you’ll be glad to discover how accessible, flexible, and convenient online learning is.

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