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Everyone likes the idea of being remembered when they pass. Whether you manage to live a life with an impressive career, decide to have loads of children, or want to be remembered for other things, leaving a legacy behind is always a good way to approach your life. For many people, this sort of work will extend to the local area that surrounds them. But how exactly can you go about leaving a mark on your community throughout your life?

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to approach an idea like this when you first get started.

Infrastructure Improvements

Villages, towns, and cities across the world have to deal with infrastructure problems.

There is rarely enough money to cover things like road repairs and waste management, leaving places to deal with issues for decades until the government steps in. Of course, though, normal people can always throw their hat into the ring when problems like this are making life difficult for the members of a town.

You can find some infrastructure improvements below that will give you the chance to change the way your city or town looks for the better.

  • New Roads: Bad roads can cause huge issues for a community, with traffic and damaged vehicles having the potential to make life very hard. This element of your town is likely to be ignored by your government and is something that local people often have to fix for themselves. Having new roads paved in your community will cost a little bit of money, but will give you the chance to leave your mark in the form of custom manhole covers.
  • Improved Services: While most of the world is enjoying faster internet connections than ever before, many small cities and towns have been just about ignored. If you live somewhere with slow networking speeds, you will have a very good idea of the issues this could cause. Improving this for your local area could be a great way to leave your mark, with schools and businesses all feeling the benefits.
  • Reliable Utilities: Power cuts, water outages, and just about any other utility disruption can make life very hard. Some places experience issues like this all the time, but you could change this without too much effort. It only takes a small investment to improve services like this in a meaningful way.

Community Boosting

In the past, social groups like young and elderly people would have a lot to do in their local area.

With governments cutting funding to non-essential services, though, it’s getting harder and harder for people like this to find activities that don’t cost a fortune.

Boosting your community doesn’t have to be difficult, with a small change or two making a massive difference to the way that people live and work with one another.

  • Social Groups: Youth clubs and social groups for the elderly can both provide a wealth of benefits to the people they are designed for. For example, towns and cities with activities for their young people often have lower crime rates than those that leave their teenagers to do what they want on the streets. Opening your own social club is as simple as finding a venue, some activities, and people to come along.
  • Large Events: With modern life being so busy for a lot of people, getting to know your neighbors can be harder than you might expect. You may only see them once every month, but this can be changed with some large events. Street parties, yard sales, and other activities that people will enjoy can draw a crowd from across your community.
  • Free Services: Low-income areas usually encounter greater issues than those that are very wealthy. Many families can’t afford things like network connections, despite them being essential to their children’s development. Working towards providing free internet connections or other services can be an excellent way to make sure that every member of your community has the same benefits in life.

Local Issues

Most places have social and political problems that make life hard for their residents.

These can be small and easy to ignore, but they can also be extremely difficult to live with, making it crucial that the locals are able to overcome them.

Of course, though, there often needs to be someone who can lead the charge. Let’s take a look at some of the issues that can work like this in a city or town.

  • Political Campaigning: Many of the problems encountered by communities are thanks to politics. It’s much easier to complain about problems like this than it is to combat them, though you need to be prepared to take proper action if the change is going to happen. Becoming a political campaigner is easier than you might expect, giving you the chance to leave a huge impact on the people around you.
  • Group Building: Many of the political issues that small cities and towns face can’t be solved by a single person. In this case, you will need to bring the people in your community together, having them work with one another to ensure that progress can be made. Gathering a group like this will cement your name in the history of your town.


People have long liked to name things after themselves.

Many of the world’s towns are named after those who founded them, and this sort of trend can be seen across loads of different areas. Those who want to leave a mark on their town will serve themselves well by getting their name added to things, but how exactly can you go about this in the modern world?

  • Make Donations: Park benches, water fountains, and a host of the other features found in many communities are donated by their members. This sort of donation doesn’t have to cost very much but can leave you with a plaque that says your name. Some people will choose bigger donations than this, with new schools, libraries, and health centers all offering a great chance to leave your legacy.
  • Achievements: People like to feel proud of the place they call home, and the achievements of those who have lived there are always a great part of this. Famous sports players, scientists, and TV presenters are all examples of this, and you can find the names of people in these positions in towns across the globe.

Why Leave a Legacy?

At this point, you may be wondering why you would want to put so much work into something like this.

Some people may view it as vain or arrogant, but this sort of action can have some much nicer motives. To start, those who take action like this obviously care about their home and the people they share it with, though this is just the start.

  • Genuine Improvement: It might be hard to improve your town, but you can certainly still achieve this goal. You could make life better for a lot of people with some very small and simple actions, providing those you care about with benefits for years to come. This is excellent in areas where people can’t always afford what they need for themselves.
  • Family History: Being a prominent member of a community can be a great way to stoke your family history. It will be easier for those in the future to track you down, and they will be able to see the impact you left. It always stirs pride when people find that those in their family have done great things.
  • Family Pride: Much like bringing your family history to the front, this sort of work will also make your family feel great pride to share your name. This is well worth working towards in your life, pushing those who come after you to work harder for themselves.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of leaving a legacy that impacts your whole local area.

This sort of work can be invaluable to communities, though you need to make sure that you work hard to achieve what you want.

Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell is a father, martial artist, budget-master, Disney-addict, musician, and recovering foodie having spent over 2 decades as a leader for Whole Foods Market. Click to learn more about me

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