Leave Work at Work: 5 Ways to Create Real Work-Life Balance

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Let’s be honest. The advent of technology has made it difficult to achieve the ultimate work-life balance. The hassles of the working economy more often bleed into the home life of many individuals.

Allowing work to follow you at home can affect your relationship with your family. It also causes mental and physical stress, which reduces your productivity.

The following positive habits will help you to leave work at work;

1. Take a ‘Mental Commute’

Experts advise taking a time-out when you’re done at the workplace. You should intend to remove yourself from a stressful work situation. Going home at the end of the day is an excellent way to unwind.

While at home, you can take deep and slow breaths, or play calming music. You may also develop a routine for unwinding.

2. Set Firm Email and Phone Rules at Home

It’s easy to plug back to work emails and phone calls during family time. You should develop the habit of enjoying evenings and weekends without a phone. Try not to check and reply emails on days like Sunday.

Tracking The PayStubs will guide you to make the best decisions regarding your office hours.

3. Get Your Rest

Sleep is essential for your mental and physical health. This is especially true if you’re going through work stress.

Your mind-body balance is better if you get at least 7 hours of restful sleep. Experts advise removing any blue light 30 minutes before sleeping. This includes phone screens, monitors, and TV.

Such is the requirement for a relaxing and rejuvenating nighttime routine.

4. Leave Work at Work: Establish a Good Support Network

Your life partner or significant other can effectively help you manage stress. However, you shouldn’t burden them with all your work stress. It’s unfair, and it will ruin your relationship.

You should connect with your professional peers and mentors as your support network. They can help you with the burden of work stress. You’re less likely to be stressed if you have a robust social support team.

Leaning on people when you’re stressed improves your capability to solve problems. It also increases self-esteem and the autonomy to make decisions.

5. Create a Third Space

Consider having a place outside of home and work where you can pursue other interests and hobbies. You can relax and seek fulfillment in book clubs, yoga classes, tuna fishing, and silent cafes, among other places.

Such third spaces can help you to find peace while maintaining your identity. It enables you and your partner to take a breather between responsibilities.

Carrying stress from work can affect the way you enjoy life at home. It’s advisable to decide on third spaces for work-life balance with your partner.


Working to cope and leave work at work contributes to better relationships and improved mental and physical fitness.

You should relax and recharge your mind if you need to make the most out of work. It enhances your creative ability and effectiveness.

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